Beautiful Look on this International Women’s Day

Every woman is born to celebrate her beauty. There are many who are not beautiful by looks but is also great by heart. Their success, achievement are all remembered every-day. But one day on which everyone celebrates the economic, social and political achievements of the lady i.e. 8th March (International Women’s Day).

It is just a single day on which we denote the same for the ladies of our lives. We also remember some great women who became history and make themselves worth to remember. It is your day ladies!!! You can dress beautiful and look exceptionally gorgeous on this day.

To look beautiful you can just go ethnic this time. Buy and wear a gorgeous salwar kameez or vivacious beautiful saree to accentuate your beauty. Also, you can pair stacks of designer silver bangles with the same.

A perfect piece of jewellery not only beautifies your appearance but would complete your look. You can also buy best gift for your female friends on this day to celebrate this day. A floral bright colored saree would looks amazingly vivacious when it would be team up with right jewellery.

In terms of accessories you can wear variety of jewels to glorify yourself. So, just go and explore the market on this International Women’s Day and make you look glamorous and gorgeous. If you are looking for a perfect gift for the same day just click best silver gift options.


The Craze and blend of Silver Jewellery

People always love natural and elegant silver for its durability! Its classification in amazing beautiful assortments always increases its craze towards common public.

Women, girls of all ages and colour prefer to wear silver trinkets on any of their occasion. From their evening parties to their professional meetings they love to attire white shimmering jewels.

The reason behind so much fondness is its availability in latest designer collection and also its affordability. Yes, these jewellery pieces are pocket-friendly which means you can buy loads of jewels in just your budget.

Isn’t amazing when you get a variety of options in your accessories section without much pain? So, what are you waiting for!!! Searching for correct place to buy your desire jewellery pieces!

Another reason for its snowballing craze and blend that it is just timeless! Whatever is the fashion trend silver trinkets are simply flawless. It never gets old-fashioned, every-time its designers craft amazing designs to attract the buyers.

Also, its smooth appearance and texture suits every skin type. From dusky to fair, it goes with every colour. So, are you a fan of silver jewellery? If, yes look for the right place and buy silver jewellery and look best!


Women first choice Silver Jewellery

For her, there is no reason to look beautiful and glamorous. She always chooses and selects best jewellery for herself as she knows what suits her. She is the divine lady, the gorgeous one!

In the terms of jewellery, there are many metals which she collects in her treasure but silver is among the most demanded one!!

The treasure includes shimmering earrings, glossy rings, glittering necklaces, chunky bangles, elegant bracelets, etc.  Not only that; all these are in the updated styles because she knows what the trend is!

She also knows how to make her boring trinkets exciting by just experiment one piece with another! Like she use big chandbali earring connected with long chain as manng-tika or wear heavy silver bracelet with stacks of silver chain!

Apart from all the experimentation, the credit behind such craziness towards silver trinkets goes to the experts designers. They design and craft each piece with the grace and make everyone fall towards it!

They also know how to increase its popularity that is why they use various precious and semi-precious stones to give the jewellery a different style!

As I don’t need to tell you that from where you can get these designer trinkets but still you will find it in any local market!!! Also, you can go online easily anytime and with ease silgo buy silver jewellery according to your taste and desire. If you are lady of your dreams just style yourself with the grace of silver and shine flawlessly!!!



Silver Jewellery Online

Do you get bored with your daily boring shopping routine? Want some fun in buying jewellery! If yes, then just surf various online sites which are offering many branded and hallmarked piece of trinkets in just best deals!

Today technology is updating at every step and so as e-shops! Just thanks to these services that now our shopping area is not fixed to the local shops only!

Now we are just one click away from our favorite designer gems and jewels! But “Do buying jewellery online is safe?

But so obvious it is safe!! There are online jewellery stores who are offering hallmarked branded jewellery with the real certified bills! Also, they give product assurance! If we can get all such by just sitting under our comfortable roof then why not we go online?

These online stores have perfectionist who are masters in crafting jewellery and bring out the best designer trinkets for you! They always update their work which results in getting modern and updated design each day!!!

When there is so much ease in buying gems and jewels online then why only buy for you? You can get beautiful jewellery for your friends and family and surprise them with a shine of silver!

Another thing which is so positive in e-shopping is that you know what you are purchasing because a clear description of each and every piece is available on the page.

You can also compare the prices as ample of sites are available! Easy exchange and returns are also available online without stepping out a single step. So just go ahead and gain your online shopping experience!

Still reading this, just turn on your internet and browse various silver jewellery online stores! Find the perfect silver jewellery for yourself and your friends and bring shine in your life with Silgo!




Packing for a long-awaited vacation? Perhaps you could use some tips for travelling with jewellery… the SMART way. Throwing in all pieces you want to carry in a large plastic pouch isn’t the smartest way to pack, now is it? Let’s show you a safer and organised way to bring your valuables along with you on a journey. Stressing over losing your favourite trinket is the last thing you want, here are some really helpful tips for travelling with jewellery –

What to carry?

Before starting with packing, first you need to figure out which pieces you want to bring along with you. You may feel like taking all of them… but must think logically. How to decide which pieces to carry?

Statement Jewellery:

The wisest choice is to bring statement pieces, like a stunning pair of dangle earrings or a statement necklace. Generally, they are not as expensive as fine jewellery, so even if you lose a piece while travelling, you won’t be too disappointed. If you are not a fan of statement necklaces, carry a versatile pendant necklace that can be paired with multiple outfits.


Bracelets and bangles can spice up any ensemble without giving you any packing nightmares. Taking a watch is an absolute must as it is modish and handy.

Take pictures of your jewellery

Take pictures of your favourite silver jewellery – sounds bizarre! Think again, if you click some pictures of your jewellery (while wearing it) you know how well it’ll look in your holiday photographs. You don’t want to carry a necklace or a pair of earrings that doesn’t look good in the pictures, after all you are going to cherish these pictures for years and they ought to be stunning!