Basant Panchmi with the Sterling Silver Jewellery

This festival speaks yellow clothes, flowers, worships, etc. It is the hindu festival which indicate us the oncoming of the spring season. On this day goddess Saraswati is worshipped by many of the folks. Schools, colleges offer flowers to the Goddess of literature and music. She also denotes calmess and peace that is the reason yellow colour is mostly worn on this day.

Also, it is one of the important festival of sikh people. This day comprise of two words “vasant” which means “spring” and “panchmi” which means “fifth day”. It simply means that this is the fifth day of the spring season. Gurudwaras were decorated on this day and punjabis enjoy this day with the beats of dhol!

And, if the festival comes; women are the first creature on this earth who buy new clothes and jewellery. To accentuate her yellow costumes silver is the perfect color. Being trendy and modern the shade of the designer silver jewellery  would garnish her complete avatar.

If you are planning to wear traditional yellow salvar kameez then ethnic earrings would be the best option. But, if your style is little jazzy, stylish and modern then you can go with stacks of silver bangles and rings. We have seen many young girls love to wear this metal bangles with her denims and tees.

And, if the color of your t-shirt is yellow it makes you look the queen of spring season. On this day, enormous number of wedding takes place. So, if you are planning to buy a wedding costume like crop top or skirt; a little extra shimmering silver bracelets would cost no harm to you!

Moreover,this day is also a symbol of love and attraction. With worshipping goddess Saraswati, Lord Kamadeva is also being wordshipped on this day! He is the God of “Love”. Therefore, you can also buy a beautiful present on this day for the person you love the most. She can be your friend, mother, sister or your better half.

To present some extra special gift to the extra special person of your life the range of trinkets can help your selection! The various collection of rings, earrings, bangles, bracelets, necklaces are available in the market to celebrate this day!

So have you made your decision, if not hurry because love and Spring is in the air, fragrance of flowers is blossoming everywhere!!! Are you ready to compliments your traditional wear with basant panchmi silver jewellery collection!!!





Add 925 Sterling Silver Jewellery in your Treasure Box!!

925 sterling silver jewellery left behind almost every metal in the league of latest designs and price. Being it is gold or platinum; silver is gaining its prestige in every market and in every lane. There are many reasons why 925 sterling is selling like hot cakes in this modern trend. Some of them are:-

Easy in pocket and stylish

First and foremost reason is that it is available in affordable range but that too in classy designs. It is so shimmering that many women cannot stop her to fall for it. Its flawless texture is very bright which suits every skin of yours and help you to be the centre of attraction among the crowd.

With its ease in pocket, folks can easily upgrade and update their treasure box with the changing fashion trends. Also if somebody is planning to buy jewellery as gift sterling is the best option as compare to price and designs.

Easy to wear and handle

It is the perfect option for people who prefer to wear jewellery on regular basis. Also, if somebody has sensitive skin silver is skin-friendly too!! It means that silver trinkets are easy to wear and handle at the same time.

Though tarnish is the nature of silver and sometimes your precious trinkets can lose its original shine. But, need not to worry by following some easy cleaning tricks you can handle and care for your jewellery. Always clean your jewels with a soft cotton cloth and clean them with the mixture of baking soda and hot water. You can also see some YouTube videos for handling and caring for your 925 sterling silver jewellery.

Health related advantages

According to Chinese philosophy silver has strong connection with moon and is a symbol of peace and calmness. That is why many people wear pearl studded silver rings to control their anxiety and anger. So, are you also ready to add touch of silver in your look? If yes look for your favourite shops online or offline for your jewellery shopping.


Grab your Very-Own Silver Jewellery Online from

Silver jewellery has always well-thought out as a pocket affable trinkets, but this is not it! It also gives you a real graceful style statement by using some of your financial resources. And, if you’re turning your jewellery shopping online from silgo you can get what you want in just best price!

It is right that we earn to spend but it is also necessary that we expend on that thing which should be worth! Therefore, to make your money in safe hands silver jewellery online store is just one stop destination from where you can select trinkets of your choice.

But, before buying anything you should know what you actually want! With the ample of latest variety available of jewels online can confuse you but trust me at the end you will get the best.

Here are some of the things which you can keep in mind before buying jewellery online:

  • Acquire that thing which would convey your style-

When you go for jewellery, you should be clear that the silver piece would describe your personality with its occurrence. For instance, if you always love to look simple yet beautiful a simple silver pendant would be enough to embellish your beauty effectively.

  • Next, if you are going in any of the events like marriages or get-together one thing should be kept in mind that does not over-accessorize yourself. Just remember the quote that “A little can make a difference” Just wear a glittering necklace with not so heavy earrings and they will beautify your look completely!
  • Product description-

Another important thing is that you should carefully read the details of the product you are interested in! The weight, stones used, color selection, quantity, etc should be checked properly before going for checkout option!

  • Payment option-

After selecting and choosing jewellery you want just select your payment option! And later than just wait and track your order along with enjoy the excitement till it reaches you! Yes, there are many e-shops which are offering best jewellery but just try and buy sterling silver jewellery online from silgo and experiment your regular boring shopping experience!


Silver Jewellery – Durable and beautiful metal

rel=”nofollow”Silver for its shiny lustrous aura is always famous for its availability in the chunky latest jewellery collection. Though, there are many reasons why silver jewellery has so much of fan following, but here are some of the reasons:

Affordability – First and foremost reason behind the increase in demand of silver trinkets that they are available in affordable prices. Sometimes there are some people who wish to wear jewels but can’t afford it to buy! For them silver metal is the best choice.

Also with its low cost obtainable, women can update their jewellery collection according to the latest trends. It means you can have lots of silver metal jewellery collection without giving so much pain in your pockets!

Durability – Jewellery made from silver is just timeless and versatile! You can attire silver trinkets everyday and everywhere. It is not only versatile but also durable.

Yes, jewellery made from pure silver is not durable because it is very soft. For usually some metal like copper is mixed in silver to use it for making jewellery. That form of silver is knows as sterling silver! In that 92.5 is the pure silver and the remaining is usually consist of alloys mainly copper which makes the metal durable.

Good for health – The beautiful shiny metal is also good for health to wear! Many a times it is symbolizes with the moon. Its silver colour is known for calmness and peace! That is why people who are short tempered wear silver jewellery like silver rings, silver chains to control their anger.


Seven Quick Tips for CZ And 925 Silver Jewellery Care


Here are 7 quick tips for your favourite CZ and 925 silver jewellery care:

  1. While getting ready to go out make a habit of putting on your silver jewellery in the end, in order to avoid getting lotion, perfume or other beauty products on them.
  1. For durability of your 925 silver jewellery, always use a soft silver polishing cloth for light cleaning of your ornaments without scratching their surface.
  1. Make a routine of lightly cleaning your jewellery every week. Wipe your ornaments weekly to remove any makeup or dirt particles.
  1. To make CZ jewellery shine soak it in a warm water and mild dishwashing liquid solution. Gently scrub them clean with a soft toothbrush and rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.
  1. If your CZ jewellery is looking dull mix baking soda and toothpaste and use this concoction to coat the jewellery for 10 minutes. Afterwards, gently brush it with water. Sponge down with cold water to get the shine back in your trinkets.
  1. Unfortunately, 925 silver jewellery tarnishes when exposed to air, to avoid that store your pieces in a cool and dry place. Also, make sure you store them in individual plastic or cloth bags.
  1. Above all the best tip to take care of your 925 silver and CZ jewellery is to remove your trinkets while cleaning, bathing or swimming, because the chemicals exposure caused by these activities may result in immediate tarnishing.

There’s no better combination than 925 silver jewellery  and CZ stones. They blend together to create versatile, long lasting, stunning and outright magnificent jewellery.

3 Famous Diamonds You Must Know About

Welcome to the world of some of the rarest and most obscure group of stones. These famous diamonds have earned fame and glory since decades. Read on to find out more about these invaluable diamonds.

  • Cullinan Diamond – Also well-known as the Star of Africa, this remarkable diamond was cut into several polished gems and currently they ornament the Crown Jewels of the UK. Two most noteworthy ones are the Great Star of Africa i.e. Cullinan I, placed in the Sovereign’s Sceptre and the Second Star of Africa i.e. Cullinan II placed in the Imperial State Crown. Both are markedly apparent in Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation pictures of 1953.
  • Kohinoor – in Persian Kohinoor means “Mountain of Light”. This dazzling diamond dates back to the 13th century and has originated from India. The total weight of this brilliant stone is 105.6 carat. The Kohinoor has made its journey through the Afghan, Persian and Indian royalties, counting the Mughal emperor Shah Jehan. The stone was surrendered to the British Empire after the demise of its last owner, Maharajah Ranjit Singh. Thereafter it was presented to Queen Victoria when she became the Empress of India. At present the Kohinoor is exhibited in the Tower of London.
  • Hope Diamond – Hope diamond used to be a part of Louis XIV’s suite of Crown Jewels. It is named after banker Thomas Hope. At present the Hope diamond is displayed at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History. An interesting trivia about this stone is that it is known to be cursed! When Pierre Cartier owned it a bout of “curse” rumours surfaced although most people speculate that the rumours were created to add hype to the stone’s promotion