Your Bold Avatar with Silver Studs!!!

If you love the silver shade, then silver studs would be the best item to accompany your bold avatar. It comes in widest range from simple to chunky, classy to royal designs.

Women of every age love to wear studs. Some comes with a single stone whereas some comes in the setting of various colorful stones.

Earlier it comes in small sizes but now its craze leads the designers to craft the big silver stud earrings. It also comes in traditional patterns which give you a subtle yet fine appearance.

Girls who love to wear earrings on regular basis. For them small studs is the best accessory. Some of the stones which are loved by the teenage girls are pearls, bright rubies, etc.

It means the collection of silver jewellery has room for all! From women to girls, the mermaid of the studs fits your treasure box beautifully. So, just turn study and jazz up your bold avatar with the ravishing silver stud earrings. 




Basant Panchmi with the Sterling Silver Jewellery

This festival speaks yellow clothes, flowers, worships, etc. It is the hindu festival which indicate us the oncoming of the spring season. On this day goddess Saraswati is worshipped by many of the folks. Schools, colleges offer flowers to the Goddess of literature and music. She also denotes calmess and peace that is the reason yellow colour is mostly worn on this day.

Also, it is one of the important festival of sikh people. This day comprise of two words “vasant” which means “spring” and “panchmi” which means “fifth day”. It simply means that this is the fifth day of the spring season. Gurudwaras were decorated on this day and punjabis enjoy this day with the beats of dhol!

And, if the festival comes; women are the first creature on this earth who buy new clothes and jewellery. To accentuate her yellow costumes silver is the perfect color. Being trendy and modern the shade of the designer silver jewellery  would garnish her complete avatar.

If you are planning to wear traditional yellow salvar kameez then ethnic earrings would be the best option. But, if your style is little jazzy, stylish and modern then you can go with stacks of silver bangles and rings. We have seen many young girls love to wear this metal bangles with her denims and tees.

And, if the color of your t-shirt is yellow it makes you look the queen of spring season. On this day, enormous number of wedding takes place. So, if you are planning to buy a wedding costume like crop top or skirt; a little extra shimmering silver bracelets would cost no harm to you!

Moreover,this day is also a symbol of love and attraction. With worshipping goddess Saraswati, Lord Kamadeva is also being wordshipped on this day! He is the God of “Love”. Therefore, you can also buy a beautiful present on this day for the person you love the most. She can be your friend, mother, sister or your better half.

To present some extra special gift to the extra special person of your life the range of trinkets can help your selection! The various collection of rings, earrings, bangles, bracelets, necklaces are available in the market to celebrate this day!

So have you made your decision, if not hurry because love and Spring is in the air, fragrance of flowers is blossoming everywhere!!! Are you ready to compliments your traditional wear with basant panchmi silver jewellery collection!!!




Bond of Love with Sterling Silver Jewellery

Partners share very strong bond between each other. They fight laugh, smile, giggle but never separate!! Though, there is no day to celebrate the strong connection between two love birds.

But, if history made one why not to enjoy it! Yes, you got me right. It is a Valentine’s Day! The great day of love with all the red color in the air!

And the celebration of love is incomplete without the perfect gift for your partner. To impress the lady love you don’t need many efforts.

She is born jewellery lover and you know that! So, why thinking much just buy a beautiful pair of sterling silver jewellery for her!

The main assortments of gems and jewels are filled with amazing latest designs and varieties. Not only is that it available in best price which won’t disturb your pocket much.

To celebrate the special day with the special person buy some ruby studded trinkets for her. If her taste is little glossy then go for cubic zircons with which she can flaunt her style!

Those trinkets are the piece of jewels which is so sparkling that your partner won’t stop herself to love you more.

If she loves blue color you can go for sapphires which look extremely gorgeous when combined with silver. So, are you ready to make your girl feel special!

If yes, celebrate the bond of love and joy with 925 sterling silver jewellery and surprises planned by you!




Dragonfly 925 Silver Jewellery Meaning and Facts

Dragonfly jewellery symbolizes the agility and lifecycle of the totem animal. A dragonfly also represents new beginnings, strength, adaptableness and transformations in life. When you put on a trinket in dragonfly design it means that you are embracing changes instead of dreading them.

Dragonflies stir up the mind’s eye and the mythology behind dragonflies has not just inspired the world of jewellery but also poetry, fine art and paintings. They are seen as messengers of happiness, opulence, and rejuvenation. They have a short life and so they remind us to live our lives to the fullest.

Wearing dragonfly earrings, rings, pendants and even brooches is an old tradition in certain parts of the world. Since the Victorian era, this type of jewellery is often found embellished with pearls, precious stones and beautiful enamelling. When you put on a dragonfly trinket, you are graciously embracing life and all the challenges and changes that come with it.

Dragonflies are the bug of the year. With their lovely wings and tail, the bug looks gorgeous in a straight or curvy design. Some people prefer larger and more intricate designs to make a bold statement! An exquisite pendant with long dragonfly tails adorned with sparkling gemstones is an exhilarating piece that works well with both casual and formal attire.

Who knew these little insects could look so fine! Wearing a piece of dragonfly jewellery is an excellent way to include a nature theme in your appearance. The dainty and stunning shape of this one of its kind bug works great with crystals to add a dash of glam and pizzazz to your look!

In the end, it’s sufficed to say that these benign and extraordinary creations of nature are a gorgeous winged marvel that has enamoured SILgo 925 Sterling  Silver Jewellery aficionados everywhere.

Seven Quick Tips for CZ And 925 Silver Jewellery Care


Here are 7 quick tips for your favourite CZ and 925 silver jewellery care:

  1. While getting ready to go out make a habit of putting on your silver jewellery in the end, in order to avoid getting lotion, perfume or other beauty products on them.
  1. For durability of your 925 silver jewellery, always use a soft silver polishing cloth for light cleaning of your ornaments without scratching their surface.
  1. Make a routine of lightly cleaning your jewellery every week. Wipe your ornaments weekly to remove any makeup or dirt particles.
  1. To make CZ jewellery shine soak it in a warm water and mild dishwashing liquid solution. Gently scrub them clean with a soft toothbrush and rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.
  1. If your CZ jewellery is looking dull mix baking soda and toothpaste and use this concoction to coat the jewellery for 10 minutes. Afterwards, gently brush it with water. Sponge down with cold water to get the shine back in your trinkets.
  1. Unfortunately, 925 silver jewellery tarnishes when exposed to air, to avoid that store your pieces in a cool and dry place. Also, make sure you store them in individual plastic or cloth bags.
  1. Above all the best tip to take care of your 925 silver and CZ jewellery is to remove your trinkets while cleaning, bathing or swimming, because the chemicals exposure caused by these activities may result in immediate tarnishing.

There’s no better combination than 925 silver jewellery  and CZ stones. They blend together to create versatile, long lasting, stunning and outright magnificent jewellery.

Silver Jewellery – 925 Sterling Silver

Are you in view of buying 925 sterling silver jewellery pieces? Do you know the difference between sterling silver and pure silver? Well, here is the answer for you guys!!

Pure silver includes  99.9% of silver and the rest, it contains other metal i.e. copper. On the other hand, sterling silver has 92.5% of silver and the rest is copper. That is the reason sterling silver trinkets have 925 marks on the inner side of the piece.

Therefore the best way to identify that your silver metal jewellery pieces are 925 sterling or not is to look out the 925 hallmark on it.

But why the manufacturers use sterling silver instead of pure silver? Well, the reason behind this is pure is very soft and malleable and it is very difficult for the designers to create unique and classy designs with the same.

By adding copper to the silver metal, a little bit of hardness is introduced to the metal; which help the creators to make intricate and complex designs by using the sterling silver.

Moreover, women always love beautiful and unique designs that is the reason they always go for sterling silver metal jewellery pieces.

But wait!!! are your jewellery pieces 100% 925 sterling silver? There are various methods from which you can identify your silver trinkets!

Identifying the original 925 sterling silver

Generally we think that silver metal jewellery is affordable and cheap but it is not like that it also needs some kind of investment. Though it is reasonable as compared to other metals like gold, platinum but original 925 sterling silver also need some of your penny!

When you are going to buy silver metal jewellery you should know how to identify the original sterling silver. Some of the techniques mentioned below would surely help you.

  • If you will find any black marks on the jewellery surface do not afraid it happens because of air exposure because it oxidise the silver pieces. Just rub its surface with a soft cloth and the pure sterling will shine flawlessly.
  • Another thing is smell the trinkets! Real sterling silver never smell, if it does it has much amount of copper in it.
  • The last real sterling silver should have marking on its inner surface such as “925”.

So, just be cautious and save yourself and just enjoy and flaunt your style by wearing beautiful shimmering 925 sterling silver jewellery!