Celebrate the Lohri with Silver Jewellery!

No festival can be celebrated without beautiful clothes, heavy shimmering jewellery and enthusiasm to enjoy the day with your close relatives and family.

And in the assortment of gems and jewels, silver is the metal which is loved by everyone. Punjabis generally love heavy chunky trinkets! Silver is the most glittering and glistening choice of metal among all.

Its mermaid usually includes rings, earrings, bangles, bracelets and necklaces. The girls on this day groom her with traditional outfits and trinkets.

From big silver jhumkas to glamorous silver bracelets everything is adorned by the women. To compliment her desi avatar she embellishes her beauty with glittering shine.

On this festival families light bonfire, do some pooja and tap their feet on dhol beats! Typical ladies do gidda, bhangra and fill the atmosphere with great positivity.

They also offer presents to their friends and close relatives. If you are also planning to offer some gifts to your dear one then latest designer collection of Silgo silver jewellery can help you!

It means amazing collection of the same can bring light to your life. So, where are you? Just enjoy the first festival of New Year with the new, exclusive varieties of the same.

You can buy your favourite trinket from any local store or can surf to various silver jewellery online stores! To enhance the beauty of yours search for the trendy trinket and make it yours!!!

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