Different Metals for Your Jewellery

You thought gold and silver are the only metal options in jewellery? But there’s a whole wide world of metal options —waiting to be explored. Each metal has with its own pros and cons for sturdiness, price and appearance.  Here are some insightful points to familiarize you with different metals for jewellery:

Platinum – This metal is known for its resilience. Unlike other metals Platinum is so sturdy that it will not scar or chip for years. As a result, platinum is considered best for diamond and gemstone embellishments.

Gold – It is tremendously popular metal in fine jewellery, and you also get to choose from many variations. Not only is gold available in different carats it is also available in different colours like white, yellow and rose.

Silver – This metal is known for its dazzling lustre. Silver is less expensive and more abundant than its other counterparts like Platinum or Gold. so about metal of  925 Sterling silver jewellery requires more care, because silver has a tendency to tarnish.

Palladium – This metal is radiant, rare and naturally white. It has the limpidness and white tone of platinum but it is more reasonably priced than platinum. Palladium doesn’t tarnish but its availability is rather limited.

Stainless steel – It bears a resemblance to platinum but it costs considerably less than other precious metal. The jewellery made with this metal is commonly used for laid-back and casual style trinkets. Stainless steel is durable, sturdy, it doesn’t rust or stain and it’s cheaper than silver.

Titanium – Titanium has grown to be a popular choice for wedding jewellery because it is really lightweight and it is also hypoallergenic. It is one of the most scratch-resistant and strongest metals and is used to create contemporary and inimitable styled jewellery.



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