Become a Diva with Glorious Emerald Heart Ring

We all are here in the ending days of 2016. We spend some good or some bad memories. Happiness, sorrows, joy, all emotions enters in our life and we all know how to deal with it.

Sometimes we buy a gift for ourselves to swing our mood or sometimes if buy a present for our close one!! There are many options and ideas in the list of gifts but what can be best then a perfect piece of glorious emerald heart silver ring buy online.

Rings have some different position in the accessory section. It is a true piece to express emotion towards our love one. It comes in varieties of designs clasping various colorful stones. From precious to semi-precious, colorful to shimmering studded silver ring is the first choice of women! So do you want to impress the lady of your life?

If yes, then SILgo is presenting this season’s hottest piece of silver ring. It holds the perfect shape and carries enchanting emerald heart in the centre.

The design in which this ring is crafted is exceptionally lovely. The perfect circles embosom many cubic zircons over it which highlights the piece with its shine.

But, the main attraction of this silver ring is the centre green colored emerald. Women loves to embrace their fingers with the big ring would surely love this piece

You can attire this glorious emerald silver ring with any of your outfit being traditional or green colored semi-traditional outfits. If you are going to attend some marriage then girls trust me this is the best one to accompany your lehngas!!!


Add 925 Sterling Silver Jewellery in your Treasure Box!!

925 sterling silver jewellery left behind almost every metal in the league of latest designs and price. Being it is gold or platinum; silver is gaining its prestige in every market and in every lane. There are many reasons why 925 sterling is selling like hot cakes in this modern trend. Some of them are:-

Easy in pocket and stylish

First and foremost reason is that it is available in affordable range but that too in classy designs. It is so shimmering that many women cannot stop her to fall for it. Its flawless texture is very bright which suits every skin of yours and help you to be the centre of attraction among the crowd.

With its ease in pocket, folks can easily upgrade and update their treasure box with the changing fashion trends. Also if somebody is planning to buy jewellery as gift sterling is the best option as compare to price and designs.

Easy to wear and handle

It is the perfect option for people who prefer to wear jewellery on regular basis. Also, if somebody has sensitive skin silver is skin-friendly too!! It means that silver trinkets are easy to wear and handle at the same time.

Though tarnish is the nature of silver and sometimes your precious trinkets can lose its original shine. But, need not to worry by following some easy cleaning tricks you can handle and care for your jewellery. Always clean your jewels with a soft cotton cloth and clean them with the mixture of baking soda and hot water. You can also see some YouTube videos for handling and caring for your 925 sterling silver jewellery.

Health related advantages

According to Chinese philosophy silver has strong connection with moon and is a symbol of peace and calmness. That is why many people wear pearl studded silver rings to control their anxiety and anger. So, are you also ready to add touch of silver in your look? If yes look for your favourite shops online or offline for your jewellery shopping.


Express your love and emotion with the dazzling silver Ring!

The year is ending and we are all set to celebrate the ending, cozy days with our loved ones. The party fever is on and ladies of all ages have turn on their beautiful clothes and jewellery. But, wait it is also the time to express your love to your bestie, relatives and your wife. And what can be best then presenting a beautiful ring.

Yes, we all know that rings are always being the deep-seated response of the love and relationships. Whatever is the relation a perfect ring is the best gift to cherish your memorable moment. So, are you ready to dissolve in your amazing memories by selecting the silver rings online for your close one?

Worry about the place of acquiring the beautiful finger band!! Need not to because you can easily find the exclusive collection of the same in the market. Market whether online or local is filled with designer varieties and range of rings. You just have to pick from the enchanting collection!

Also, if you are looking for a unique piece then yes stone studded silver band of love is the good option for you. Recently the trend says “match the color of jewels with your outfit.” And to maintain this fashion idea the jewellery designers use different stones in crafting the extra-ordinary ring piece.

From beautiful red colored rubies to very appealing blue sapphires they use every shade of stone to embellish the beauty of the same.

For instance if you are buying for your wife and she love cluster of stones then you can go for multi colored stone studded ring. But if her choice is diamond shine then you can go for CZ silver rings which give you the look of diamonds without giving much pain to your pocket.

Some people also wear pearl studded silver band as they believe that it helps them to control their anger and bring positivity in their life. In addition if you want to express your love and care to your grandma then also silver is the best option because elderly people loves silver.

But it doesn’t mean that silver is old fashioned!! The designer two-finger rings which are in high demand looks amazingly best in silver metal. Moreover, if you want to buy a present for your lovely sister then fashionable and designer ring which is there in the bling bag of silver jewellery store is the good selection.

Therefore, do not waste your time; just go and express your love and emotion with the dazzling silver ring and cherish the best memories of 2016 in the ending days of December.

Different Metals for Your Jewellery

You thought gold and silver are the only metal options in jewellery? But there’s a whole wide world of metal options —waiting to be explored. Each metal has with its own pros and cons for sturdiness, price and appearance.  Here are some insightful points to familiarize you with different metals for jewellery:

Platinum – This metal is known for its resilience. Unlike other metals Platinum is so sturdy that it will not scar or chip for years. As a result, platinum is considered best for diamond and gemstone embellishments.

Gold – It is tremendously popular metal in fine jewellery, and you also get to choose from many variations. Not only is gold available in different carats it is also available in different colours like white, yellow and rose.

Silver – This metal is known for its dazzling lustre. Silver is less expensive and more abundant than its other counterparts like Platinum or Gold. so about metal of  925 Sterling silver jewellery requires more care, because silver has a tendency to tarnish.

Palladium – This metal is radiant, rare and naturally white. It has the limpidness and white tone of platinum but it is more reasonably priced than platinum. Palladium doesn’t tarnish but its availability is rather limited.

Stainless steel – It bears a resemblance to platinum but it costs considerably less than other precious metal. The jewellery made with this metal is commonly used for laid-back and casual style trinkets. Stainless steel is durable, sturdy, it doesn’t rust or stain and it’s cheaper than silver.

Titanium – Titanium has grown to be a popular choice for wedding jewellery because it is really lightweight and it is also hypoallergenic. It is one of the most scratch-resistant and strongest metals and is used to create contemporary and inimitable styled jewellery.


Decorate your hands with the Enchanting Silver Bracelet Collection!!

Bracelets are the one which are worn around the wrist to beautify the hands of men and women. From simple and elegant styles to heavy and bold designer pieces silver bracelet collection is filled with many amazing varieties.

Bracelet is not just a single word, it have many types and range. Some of the common types of bracelets include charm bracelet, bangle bracelet, beaded bracelet, cuff bracelet, link bracelet, etc.

Charm Bracelet

A silver charm bracelet is a special kind of bracelet which holds special memories relate to the wearer. It holds trendy small charms which are connected to the chain and make it a bracelet. On charms, some quotes or may be pictures are mentioned which denotes some special memories.

Bangle Bracelet

Bangle bracelet is a rigid form of bracelet which has some lock connected to it to close it and give it a look of bangle. It is known as bangle cum bracelet. It holds different stones which make it more beautiful and appealing. You can wear it as a single piece or attire it with stacks of silver bangles to give it a funkier look.

Cuff Bracelet

Cuff bracelet is also another form of bracelet which is also in high vogue. It is usually worn as a single piece because it is broad and beautiful. The surface area of cuff bracelet is broad and also holds beautiful chunky stones which embellish the beauty of silver metal. You can wear it with your evening gowns or your anarkalis to enhance your both western and traditional avatar.

In conclusion bracelets are the mandatory accessory which completes your incomplete hand. Hurry just decorate your hands with the enchanting best silver bracelet collection and make you look complete and beautiful.

The Craze and blend of Silver Jewellery

People always love natural and elegant silver for its durability! Its classification in amazing beautiful assortments always increases its craze towards common public.

Women, girls of all ages and colour prefer to wear silver trinkets on any of their occasion. From their evening parties to their professional meetings they love to attire white shimmering jewels.

The reason behind so much fondness is its availability in latest designer collection and also its affordability. Yes, these jewellery pieces are pocket-friendly which means you can buy loads of jewels in just your budget.

Isn’t amazing when you get a variety of options in your accessories section without much pain? So, what are you waiting for!!! Searching for correct place to buy your desire jewellery pieces!

Another reason for its snowballing craze and blend that it is just timeless! Whatever is the fashion trend silver trinkets are simply flawless. It never gets old-fashioned, every-time its designers craft amazing designs to attract the buyers.

Also, its smooth appearance and texture suits every skin type. From dusky to fair, it goes with every colour. So, are you a fan of silver jewellery? If, yes look for the right place and buy silver jewellery and look best!


Women first choice Silver Jewellery

For her, there is no reason to look beautiful and glamorous. She always chooses and selects best jewellery for herself as she knows what suits her. She is the divine lady, the gorgeous one!

In the terms of jewellery, there are many metals which she collects in her treasure but silver is among the most demanded one!!

The treasure includes shimmering earrings, glossy rings, glittering necklaces, chunky bangles, elegant bracelets, etc.  Not only that; all these are in the updated styles because she knows what the trend is!

She also knows how to make her boring trinkets exciting by just experiment one piece with another! Like she use big chandbali earring connected with long chain as manng-tika or wear heavy silver bracelet with stacks of silver chain!

Apart from all the experimentation, the credit behind such craziness towards silver trinkets goes to the experts designers. They design and craft each piece with the grace and make everyone fall towards it!

They also know how to increase its popularity that is why they use various precious and semi-precious stones to give the jewellery a different style!

As I don’t need to tell you that from where you can get these designer trinkets but still you will find it in any local market!!! Also, you can go online easily anytime and with ease silgo buy silver jewellery according to your taste and desire. If you are lady of your dreams just style yourself with the grace of silver and shine flawlessly!!!