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Silver jewellery has always well-thought out as a pocket affable trinkets, but this is not it! It also gives you a real graceful style statement by using some of your financial resources. And, if you’re turning your jewellery shopping online from silgo you can get what you want in just best price!

It is right that we earn to spend but it is also necessary that we expend on that thing which should be worth! Therefore, to make your money in safe hands silver jewellery online store is just one stop destination from where you can select trinkets of your choice.

But, before buying anything you should know what you actually want! With the ample of latest variety available of jewels online can confuse you but trust me at the end you will get the best.

Here are some of the things which you can keep in mind before buying jewellery online:

  • Acquire that thing which would convey your style-

When you go for jewellery, you should be clear that the silver piece would describe your personality with its occurrence. For instance, if you always love to look simple yet beautiful a simple silver pendant would be enough to embellish your beauty effectively.

  • Next, if you are going in any of the events like marriages or get-together one thing should be kept in mind that does not over-accessorize yourself. Just remember the quote that “A little can make a difference” Just wear a glittering necklace with not so heavy earrings and they will beautify your look completely!
  • Product description-

Another important thing is that you should carefully read the details of the product you are interested in! The weight, stones used, color selection, quantity, etc should be checked properly before going for checkout option!

  • Payment option-

After selecting and choosing jewellery you want just select your payment option! And later than just wait and track your order along with enjoy the excitement till it reaches you! Yes, there are many e-shops which are offering best jewellery but just try and buy sterling silver jewellery online from silgo and experiment your regular boring shopping experience!



Silver Jewellery Online

Do you get bored with your daily boring shopping routine? Want some fun in buying jewellery! If yes, then just surf various online sites which are offering many branded and hallmarked piece of trinkets in just best deals!

Today technology is updating at every step and so as e-shops! Just thanks to these services that now our shopping area is not fixed to the local shops only!

Now we are just one click away from our favorite designer gems and jewels! But “Do buying jewellery online is safe?

But so obvious it is safe!! There are online jewellery stores who are offering hallmarked branded jewellery with the real certified bills! Also, they give product assurance! If we can get all such by just sitting under our comfortable roof then why not we go online?

These online stores have perfectionist who are masters in crafting jewellery and bring out the best designer trinkets for you! They always update their work which results in getting modern and updated design each day!!!

When there is so much ease in buying gems and jewels online then why only buy for you? You can get beautiful jewellery for your friends and family and surprise them with a shine of silver!

Another thing which is so positive in e-shopping is that you know what you are purchasing because a clear description of each and every piece is available on the page.

You can also compare the prices as ample of sites are available! Easy exchange and returns are also available online without stepping out a single step. So just go ahead and gain your online shopping experience!

Still reading this, just turn on your internet and browse various silver jewellery online stores! Find the perfect silver jewellery for yourself and your friends and bring shine in your life with Silgo!



Update your treasure box with silver jewellery

Woman of every age love accessories being it is a piece of real jewel or imitation! Recently, almost all the metals are in vogue but silver is being demanded very much.

Though, there are several reasons for its popularity but its availability in amazing designs is the important one! Some people buy silver jewellery for just fashion but some acquire it for investment purpose!

Also, people who want to look glamorous but can’t afford costly gems and jewel for them silver trinkets are best! It simply means that you can get them in such an affordable price.

Moreover, it also means that if you want to update your treasure box with the changing fashion trends then these trinkets are simply best!

So, where you are fashion conscious people just explore the market for the best designer pieces of jewels. But, if you are somewhat lazy and want to do shopping by just sitting at home then online shopping is also a best idea for you!

Yes, with e-shopping idea you can have trinkets easily at your comfort zone. There are many options which you can get in online shopping like easy payment method, wide collection of jewellery, etc by just one click. So, why are you waiting for long just go on, explore the jewellery hub and buy silver jewellery with the easy shopping method and update your jewel collection!!!

Change your Fashion Sense with Buy silver Jewellery

Different parts of country have their style of wearing different type of silver jewellery. Some love heavy and old designs of the ornaments which include broad big silver necklace, kamar-bandh, heavy bangles, etc but some love simple! Though you must be thinking that these are all old-fashioned but it still exist in rural India and people wear it as a part of their custom!

But in this era of modern fashion everything has changed! Now woman loves to wear stylish and designer trinkets! This change in trend comes from the western part where white metals are always adored!

From designer to handmade gems and jewels available in the market silver metal is in great demand! It is gaining its popularity because of its sheen, luster, durability, affordability and versatility.

The assortments of it which includes rings, bangles, bracelets, necklaces are not only look beautiful but also are convenient to wear. Its light weight, soothing texture and color make you appear cool and fashionable. Youth is going crazy for it as they are never satisfied with one single design and piece; they always love to have more and more!

Moreover, you can wear it on regular basis too! Try it out girls! It would suit every dress of you and on any occasion. You can try simple pendant chain with your office wear which would compliment your professional avatar! Or, if you want to hang-out with your friends try silver dangle earrings; trust me it would embellish your persona!!

At the end, whatever may be the fashion trend from old to new So, just go and explore the jewellery hub and buy silver jewellery of your desire!!!

Set your style statement in this winter season with shimmering Silver Jewellery

The days are gone when the sunlight shines immensely, now it is the time for you to shine like stars in the frizzy winters. Always look vibrant, gorgeous and glistening with your charming silver jewellery

If you want the vibrant look, colors are always the best which will bring spark to your life!!! Therefore, just look for the silver trinkets which contain colours of studded precious and semi-precious stones.

Yes, it is true in winter we cannot experiment with our look but not anymore now you can attire various beautiful trinkets and can look more glamorous and gorgeous! You can try simple elegant pendants with your sweat shirts and make it seem to be more stylish and chunky!

One more try-out you can do is wear stacks of silver bangles with your full-sleeves t-shirts and enhance your bold avatar. Silver is the metal which is so consistent that you can wear it other metals too! So, just mix -match your metals and update your complete fashion sense.

Also, if you are bore with your formal attires just try to wear silver pearl earrings or simple pearl bead necklace to look more professional and beautiful at the same time! So, for whom you are waiting??? Just set your style statement in this winter season with the shimmering silver jewellery and look glam & dazzling in this season too!!!


Be the trendsetter – Change your style with designer silver jewellery

Do you get bored wearing your old silver chunks? Want to add some designer silver jewellery! If yes then go, hurry and find your desire trinkets from the updated jewellery collection which is there in the market.

Days have gone when the market is flooded with old and boring designs! Now, you can find the designer and latest collection. The reason behind this up gradation in the bazaar is the competition the jewellery hubs!

Another reason behind this, now people become more fashion conscious that they love to wear the unique collection and want to look updated and modern!!! And how can we forget the most important section i.e. woman who are always the accessory lover. What she wear it become the trend, she never waits for the change in fashion but only bring the change by experimenting her look!!!

Therefore, for them exclusive trinkets are the best and ever so demand range in the jewels section!!! Being you are the lady who loves to attire simple and elegant pieces or you always love to have some extra spark in your look, there is much for you in the market!!

So, just rush to your nearest designer silver jewellery store and be the trendsetter!!! Simple add lustrous trinkets in your treasure box and change your style with designer pieces!!!!

Dragonfly 925 Silver Jewellery Meaning and Facts

Dragonfly jewellery symbolizes the agility and lifecycle of the totem animal. A dragonfly also represents new beginnings, strength, adaptableness and transformations in life. When you put on a trinket in dragonfly design it means that you are embracing changes instead of dreading them.

Dragonflies stir up the mind’s eye and the mythology behind dragonflies has not just inspired the world of jewellery but also poetry, fine art and paintings. They are seen as messengers of happiness, opulence, and rejuvenation. They have a short life and so they remind us to live our lives to the fullest.

Wearing dragonfly earrings, rings, pendants and even brooches is an old tradition in certain parts of the world. Since the Victorian era, this type of jewellery is often found embellished with pearls, precious stones and beautiful enamelling. When you put on a dragonfly trinket, you are graciously embracing life and all the challenges and changes that come with it.

Dragonflies are the bug of the year. With their lovely wings and tail, the bug looks gorgeous in a straight or curvy design. Some people prefer larger and more intricate designs to make a bold statement! An exquisite pendant with long dragonfly tails adorned with sparkling gemstones is an exhilarating piece that works well with both casual and formal attire.

Who knew these little insects could look so fine! Wearing a piece of dragonfly jewellery is an excellent way to include a nature theme in your appearance. The dainty and stunning shape of this one of its kind bug works great with crystals to add a dash of glam and pizzazz to your look!

In the end, it’s sufficed to say that these benign and extraordinary creations of nature are a gorgeous winged marvel that has enamoured SILgo 925 Sterling  Silver Jewellery aficionados everywhere.