Must Have Jewellery for a Maharashtrian Bride

With the sizzling looks of the Bollywood divas in Bajirao Mastani – the Paithani saree, nath and thushi have become fashionable yet again. From mundavlya to chooda to the Maharashtian nath the Maharashtrian bride glows in solah shringar.

Here are some typical jewels adorned by a traditional Maharashtrian bride:

Mundavlya – This ornament is made of pearls and is tied across the forehead of both the bride and the groom. Two additional lines of pearl also fall from both sides of the forehead all the way up to the shoulders. The mundavalya magnificently frames the face of the bride and groom.

Thushi – It is a choker necklace made with 22 carat gold. Thushi is adorned with gold jowar beads which symbolize abundance of provisions and prosperity in the bride’s new abode.

Chooda –Maharashtrian brides wear a green chooda which is a set of green glass bangles, it is customary to wear odd number of bangles, so they don’t wear same number bangles in both hands. The green colored chooda is considered auspicious for the bride as green represents fertility.

Nath – The nath is a piece of jewellery which makes a Maharashtrian bride stand apart from the rest. This ethnic nose pin is adorned with a white stone in the centre with pearls surrounding it in a Paisley silhouette. It symbolizes the status of the family.

Mangalsutra – The black beads combined with some gold ones form the ever so traditional mangalsutra. The bride is given this piece of jewellery by her husband, and is expected to always put it on for the long and prosperous life of her husband.

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