Pick the Right Silver Jewellery for Your Neckline

Before picking out a necklace to pair with your traditional or western wear, make sure you consider the neckline of your attire.

Here are some guidelines to help you pick the right silver jewellery for your neckline:

Boat Neck – Flaunting a boat neck dress?  Short necklace length is a big NO! Instead go for a lightweight long neckpiece.

V Neck – When it comes to V necks matching is the key, our suggestion is to go for a parallel V shaped necklace that ends right above your neckline.

One shoulder – With one shoulder outfits its best to avoid a necklace altogether, instead you can go for a stunning pair of big dangle earrings.

Square Neck – A square neck is on-trend and bold so it’s best to opt for a neckpiece that works with geometric, angular, stout and gallant lines. Also, make sure your necklace rests right above the neckline for a glamorous look.

Asymmetric Neck – Pick an asymmetric neckpiece for an asymmetric neckline, otherwise you can also opt for a long neckpiece with different shaped or sized embellishments.

Halter Neck – Halter often creates a somewhat V shaped neckline, so pick a neckpiece with a narrow shape another perfect style for halter can be a lasso or Y necklace.

Sweetheart Neck – This particular neckline is somewhat wide so the neckpiece must balance the look. For this neckline you can either go for a chic strand of pearls or a bold statement necklace.

Strapless Neck – You don’t want to cover up a strapless neckline with a chunky neckpiece. It’s best to go for a short necklace that highlights the neckline without competing.

Here are silver jewellery products then you pick the right silver jewellery for your lover:


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