Everything You Wanted To Know About Friendship Bracelets

Friendship bracelets symbolize eternal friendship. They are a wonderful way to show your love and admiration for a special friend who has always been there for you. Although it’s customary to share these bracelets on friendship day you can also exchange them without any special occasion.

These bracelets come in different designs and colour each bearing a specific meaning. They vary in terms of size and patterns as well.  Few types that are commonly seen are – Alpha bracelets that have letters, numbers or symbols; double chain or chevron type bracelets, flip flop and zigzag pattern bracelet and  heart or star shape bracelets among many others.

Friendship bracelets originated centuries ago in Central America. They first became prevalent in the hippie era i.e. 1970s. In the present day they have become more or less of a uniform for the teenagers. All colours have their own meaning as shown below:


Colours Their Meaning
Red Exhilarating
Orange Full of life
Yellow Joyful
Green Auspicious or down-to-earth
Purple Attractive or holy
Blue Trustworthy or sporty
Pink Lovable and affectionate
Black Sharp and smart
White Calm and serene


While friendship bands made from satin ribbons were generally exchanged on friendship day, the trend has now evolved into a much smarter choice i.e. friendship bracelets. These bracelets are especially a winner for gifting your male friends. For men some variations of these bracelets are leather bracelets, zodiac bracelets or alphabet bracelets embellished with gemstones. For your girl friends you can go for some trendy beaded bracelets, embellished 925 silver bracelets or charm bracelets. We know how special your friends are for you; so, go for an exclusive gift that would clearly express your love to your dearest pals.


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