Packing for a long-awaited vacation? Perhaps you could use some tips for travelling with jewellery… the SMART way. Throwing in all pieces you want to carry in a large plastic pouch isn’t the smartest way to pack, now is it? Let’s show you a safer and organised way to bring your valuables along with you on a journey. Stressing over losing your favourite trinket is the last thing you want, here are some really helpful tips for travelling with jewellery –

What to carry?

Before starting with packing, first you need to figure out which pieces you want to bring along with you. You may feel like taking all of them… but must think logically. How to decide which pieces to carry?

Statement Jewellery:

The wisest choice is to bring statement pieces, like a stunning pair of dangle earrings or a statement necklace. Generally, they are not as expensive as fine jewellery, so even if you lose a piece while travelling, you won’t be too disappointed. If you are not a fan of statement necklaces, carry a versatile pendant necklace that can be paired with multiple outfits.


Bracelets and bangles can spice up any ensemble without giving you any packing nightmares. Taking a watch is an absolute must as it is modish and handy.

Take pictures of your jewellery

Take pictures of your favourite silver jewellery – sounds bizarre! Think again, if you click some pictures of your jewellery (while wearing it) you know how well it’ll look in your holiday photographs. You don’t want to carry a necklace or a pair of earrings that doesn’t look good in the pictures, after all you are going to cherish these pictures for years and they ought to be stunning!


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