Silver Jewellery – 925 Sterling Silver

Are you in view of buying 925 sterling silver jewellery pieces? Do you know the difference between sterling silver and pure silver? Well, here is the answer for you guys!!

Pure silver includes  99.9% of silver and the rest, it contains other metal i.e. copper. On the other hand, sterling silver has 92.5% of silver and the rest is copper. That is the reason sterling silver trinkets have 925 marks on the inner side of the piece.

Therefore the best way to identify that your silver metal jewellery pieces are 925 sterling or not is to look out the 925 hallmark on it.

But why the manufacturers use sterling silver instead of pure silver? Well, the reason behind this is pure is very soft and malleable and it is very difficult for the designers to create unique and classy designs with the same.

By adding copper to the silver metal, a little bit of hardness is introduced to the metal; which help the creators to make intricate and complex designs by using the sterling silver.

Moreover, women always love beautiful and unique designs that is the reason they always go for sterling silver metal jewellery pieces.

But wait!!! are your jewellery pieces 100% 925 sterling silver? There are various methods from which you can identify your silver trinkets!

Identifying the original 925 sterling silver

Generally we think that silver metal jewellery is affordable and cheap but it is not like that it also needs some kind of investment. Though it is reasonable as compared to other metals like gold, platinum but original 925 sterling silver also need some of your penny!

When you are going to buy silver metal jewellery you should know how to identify the original sterling silver. Some of the techniques mentioned below would surely help you.

  • If you will find any black marks on the jewellery surface do not afraid it happens because of air exposure because it oxidise the silver pieces. Just rub its surface with a soft cloth and the pure sterling will shine flawlessly.
  • Another thing is smell the trinkets! Real sterling silver never smell, if it does it has much amount of copper in it.
  • The last real sterling silver should have marking on its inner surface such as “925”.

So, just be cautious and save yourself and just enjoy and flaunt your style by wearing beautiful shimmering 925 sterling silver jewellery!


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