Seven Quick Tips for CZ And 925 Silver Jewellery Care


Here are 7 quick tips for your favourite CZ and 925 silver jewellery care:

  1. While getting ready to go out make a habit of putting on your silver jewellery in the end, in order to avoid getting lotion, perfume or other beauty products on them.
  1. For durability of your 925 silver jewellery, always use a soft silver polishing cloth for light cleaning of your ornaments without scratching their surface.
  1. Make a routine of lightly cleaning your jewellery every week. Wipe your ornaments weekly to remove any makeup or dirt particles.
  1. To make CZ jewellery shine soak it in a warm water and mild dishwashing liquid solution. Gently scrub them clean with a soft toothbrush and rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.
  1. If your CZ jewellery is looking dull mix baking soda and toothpaste and use this concoction to coat the jewellery for 10 minutes. Afterwards, gently brush it with water. Sponge down with cold water to get the shine back in your trinkets.
  1. Unfortunately, 925 silver jewellery tarnishes when exposed to air, to avoid that store your pieces in a cool and dry place. Also, make sure you store them in individual plastic or cloth bags.
  1. Above all the best tip to take care of your 925 silver and CZ jewellery is to remove your trinkets while cleaning, bathing or swimming, because the chemicals exposure caused by these activities may result in immediate tarnishing.

There’s no better combination than 925 silver jewellery  and CZ stones. They blend together to create versatile, long lasting, stunning and outright magnificent jewellery.


3 Famous Diamonds You Must Know About

Welcome to the world of some of the rarest and most obscure group of stones. These famous diamonds have earned fame and glory since decades. Read on to find out more about these invaluable diamonds.

  • Cullinan Diamond – Also well-known as the Star of Africa, this remarkable diamond was cut into several polished gems and currently they ornament the Crown Jewels of the UK. Two most noteworthy ones are the Great Star of Africa i.e. Cullinan I, placed in the Sovereign’s Sceptre and the Second Star of Africa i.e. Cullinan II placed in the Imperial State Crown. Both are markedly apparent in Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation pictures of 1953.
  • Kohinoor – in Persian Kohinoor means “Mountain of Light”. This dazzling diamond dates back to the 13th century and has originated from India. The total weight of this brilliant stone is 105.6 carat. The Kohinoor has made its journey through the Afghan, Persian and Indian royalties, counting the Mughal emperor Shah Jehan. The stone was surrendered to the British Empire after the demise of its last owner, Maharajah Ranjit Singh. Thereafter it was presented to Queen Victoria when she became the Empress of India. At present the Kohinoor is exhibited in the Tower of London.
  • Hope Diamond – Hope diamond used to be a part of Louis XIV’s suite of Crown Jewels. It is named after banker Thomas Hope. At present the Hope diamond is displayed at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History. An interesting trivia about this stone is that it is known to be cursed! When Pierre Cartier owned it a bout of “curse” rumours surfaced although most people speculate that the rumours were created to add hype to the stone’s promotion

Enhance your look with shimmering silver ring collection

Ready with all your beautiful new clothes on this Diwali but what about your charming hands!!! Well, you can enhance your complete look with the latest silver ring collection which is booming high in the jewellery market.

Not only the metal is on the heights in the pieces but many beautiful stones are used to embrace the look of the same. From pink rubies to blue sapphires studded silver rings, there is so much for you to select from!

You can also wear stacks of rings if you want to experiment your look! These days we have seen women are going crazy for two finger rings which is in great trend! Rings made from silver are also affordable that you can also buy silver metal rings for your friends and family.

From chunky designs to simple and beautiful pieces; silver metal rings are for everyone. If you are working professional you can go with single stone studded rings. But if you want to make statement with your beautiful hands go for heavy designer finger accessory!!!

Nowadays, ladies love to attire big rings too; which is solely enough to embellish your hands!! There are many varieties in the market of the same! You can grab your wish list easily. Also, if you don’t want to rush in the crowd for shopping! You can turn up to various online jewellery stores for your best shopping experience!

So, whatever is your taste and desire, just visit to your nearest silver jewellery store and buy silver rings online or offline according to your comfort zone.

Must Have Jewellery for a Maharashtrian Bride

With the sizzling looks of the Bollywood divas in Bajirao Mastani – the Paithani saree, nath and thushi have become fashionable yet again. From mundavlya to chooda to the Maharashtian nath the Maharashtrian bride glows in solah shringar.

Here are some typical jewels adorned by a traditional Maharashtrian bride:

Mundavlya – This ornament is made of pearls and is tied across the forehead of both the bride and the groom. Two additional lines of pearl also fall from both sides of the forehead all the way up to the shoulders. The mundavalya magnificently frames the face of the bride and groom.

Thushi – It is a choker necklace made with 22 carat gold. Thushi is adorned with gold jowar beads which symbolize abundance of provisions and prosperity in the bride’s new abode.

Chooda –Maharashtrian brides wear a green chooda which is a set of green glass bangles, it is customary to wear odd number of bangles, so they don’t wear same number bangles in both hands. The green colored chooda is considered auspicious for the bride as green represents fertility.

Nath – The nath is a piece of jewellery which makes a Maharashtrian bride stand apart from the rest. This ethnic nose pin is adorned with a white stone in the centre with pearls surrounding it in a Paisley silhouette. It symbolizes the status of the family.

Mangalsutra – The black beads combined with some gold ones form the ever so traditional mangalsutra. The bride is given this piece of jewellery by her husband, and is expected to always put it on for the long and prosperous life of her husband.

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Pick the Right Silver Jewellery for Your Neckline

Before picking out a necklace to pair with your traditional or western wear, make sure you consider the neckline of your attire.

Here are some guidelines to help you pick the right silver jewellery for your neckline:

Boat Neck – Flaunting a boat neck dress?  Short necklace length is a big NO! Instead go for a lightweight long neckpiece.

V Neck – When it comes to V necks matching is the key, our suggestion is to go for a parallel V shaped necklace that ends right above your neckline.

One shoulder – With one shoulder outfits its best to avoid a necklace altogether, instead you can go for a stunning pair of big dangle earrings.

Square Neck – A square neck is on-trend and bold so it’s best to opt for a neckpiece that works with geometric, angular, stout and gallant lines. Also, make sure your necklace rests right above the neckline for a glamorous look.

Asymmetric Neck – Pick an asymmetric neckpiece for an asymmetric neckline, otherwise you can also opt for a long neckpiece with different shaped or sized embellishments.

Halter Neck – Halter often creates a somewhat V shaped neckline, so pick a neckpiece with a narrow shape another perfect style for halter can be a lasso or Y necklace.

Sweetheart Neck – This particular neckline is somewhat wide so the neckpiece must balance the look. For this neckline you can either go for a chic strand of pearls or a bold statement necklace.

Strapless Neck – You don’t want to cover up a strapless neckline with a chunky neckpiece. It’s best to go for a short necklace that highlights the neckline without competing.

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Everything You Wanted To Know About Friendship Bracelets

Friendship bracelets symbolize eternal friendship. They are a wonderful way to show your love and admiration for a special friend who has always been there for you. Although it’s customary to share these bracelets on friendship day you can also exchange them without any special occasion.

These bracelets come in different designs and colour each bearing a specific meaning. They vary in terms of size and patterns as well.  Few types that are commonly seen are – Alpha bracelets that have letters, numbers or symbols; double chain or chevron type bracelets, flip flop and zigzag pattern bracelet and  heart or star shape bracelets among many others.

Friendship bracelets originated centuries ago in Central America. They first became prevalent in the hippie era i.e. 1970s. In the present day they have become more or less of a uniform for the teenagers. All colours have their own meaning as shown below:


Colours Their Meaning
Red Exhilarating
Orange Full of life
Yellow Joyful
Green Auspicious or down-to-earth
Purple Attractive or holy
Blue Trustworthy or sporty
Pink Lovable and affectionate
Black Sharp and smart
White Calm and serene


While friendship bands made from satin ribbons were generally exchanged on friendship day, the trend has now evolved into a much smarter choice i.e. friendship bracelets. These bracelets are especially a winner for gifting your male friends. For men some variations of these bracelets are leather bracelets, zodiac bracelets or alphabet bracelets embellished with gemstones. For your girl friends you can go for some trendy beaded bracelets, embellished 925 silver bracelets or charm bracelets. We know how special your friends are for you; so, go for an exclusive gift that would clearly express your love to your dearest pals.

Jewellery Gift options for Mom

Be it your mother, grandmother or mom-in-law, jewellery is always a superb gift idea. To celebrate the love of your mother, its best to go for a gift that she can carry every day, a gift that she can keep close to her heart, a gift that makes her feel loved. With a wide range of options available out there, it is easier than ever to find an ornament for any budget.

 Here are some wonderful gift options to make mom happy:


Gifting your mother with a personalized piece of jewellery on mother’s day or her birthday is an awesome idea. Personalized jewellery is symbolic, because it is designed as per the liking and personality of the recipient. Personalized pendants, bracelet or engraved rings are all unique and innovative gift ideas.



Unlike today’s Smartphone generation, your mother might prefer a classic timepiece. An elegant watch on her dainty wrist is an epitome of her understated elegance. Don’t think twice before getting her a smart timepiece which lifts both casual and formal attire while adding a touch of sophistication. Rest assured this is a gift your mother will treasure for years.


This type of jewellery is a classic choice for any special occasion, it is a superb gift that your mom will treasure for the longest time. From elaborate necklaces to simple rings, birthstone jewellery always works. A word of caution -> while buying a birthstone trinket make sure you pick the right birthstone. you can Buy silver jewellery at affordable price.