Workplace Jewellery Trends

No need to downplay your style quotient at work, though it’s better to be a bit careful about what you choose to wear. After, all it’s all about making an excellent impression at your workplace. Accessorizing a formal outfit can be tricky business.

Here are few tips on latest workplace jewellery trends:

1) Bangles – NO entry, please!

When at the office go for bracelets rather than bangles. Bangles make a lot of noise which is rather unprofessional at a place of work. Choose bracelets – simple or embellished. You can also go for cuffs provided that they are not noisy. Just try to keep it tasteful and classy.

2) Stick to single statement accessories

Don’t go overboard. If you are going for a statement ring let it stand out on its own and avoid the bracelet and watch.

3) Balance is the key

To make the right impression try to find the right balance between statement and sophistication.

4) What about earrings?

Stud earrings are the best choice for workplace environment they are short and classy. If in case you are going for drop earrings or danglers, opt for something delicate and modest.


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