Workplace Jewellery Trends

No need to downplay your style quotient at work, though it’s better to be a bit careful about what you choose to wear. After, all it’s all about making an excellent impression at your workplace. Accessorizing a formal outfit can be tricky business.

Here are few tips on latest workplace jewellery trends:

1) Bangles – NO entry, please!

When at the office go for bracelets rather than bangles. Bangles make a lot of noise which is rather unprofessional at a place of work. Choose bracelets – simple or embellished. You can also go for cuffs provided that they are not noisy. Just try to keep it tasteful and classy.

2) Stick to single statement accessories

Don’t go overboard. If you are going for a statement ring let it stand out on its own and avoid the bracelet and watch.

3) Balance is the key

To make the right impression try to find the right balance between statement and sophistication.

4) What about earrings?

Stud earrings are the best choice for workplace environment they are short and classy. If in case you are going for drop earrings or danglers, opt for something delicate and modest.


Your favourite Silver Jewellery


Bored from attiring mommas season gold jewellery! Do you want to attire some chunky and chic jewels? If yes, silver is the great option for your girls. It gives you a boho-chic, high fashion look with a taste of silver in it.

Also with floods of Insta posts and celebrity outlook, we found that silver metal jewellery is going great in this fashion season. Though almost every silver piece looks great but silver jhumkas are highly demanded in the list.

You can attire it with traditional wear or experiment your western look to add up these with tees and denims. Also, you can add silver pendants with long chains to jazz up your western style.

From its designs to its availability in affordable range, the metal plays with colours to give it an innovative touch. Almost every age of women or girl can attire silver metal jewellery without any second thought!

It is comfy, beautiful, in-budget, elegant and what else to say for this metal jewellery. It has gain its popularity with its attractiveness and exclusive designs. These silver trinkets are so versatile that you can mix-match them with other metals too. For instance, you can attire chunks of silver bangles with copper and platinum bangles too.

It will change your look completely and make you look unique and fashionable in the crowd. Yes, it is true try this once! I love silver metal personally and add many in my collection. My favourite silver piece is silver earrings! What is yours in the list of silver jewellery?

silver jewellery online shopping hub

Are you ready to look gorgeous  in the coming festivals like Navratri, Diwali, etc? Bought new clothes, shoes but forgot to buy jewellery! Not an issue!!! Fill your treasure box with amazing designer silver jewellery which is rising in the jewellery market like anything.

In the assortment of silver metal  jewels you will find amazing varieties of rings, earrings, bangles, bracelets and necklaces. Also not only it is made with just a metal but various beautiful stones like cubic zircon, pearls, blue sapphire, etc are added to emboss its beauty greatly.

The colourful studded silver metal jewellery is a great option for those women who every-time wish to wear matching jewels with their costumes. These silver trinkets are cost effective and at the same time gives you a fine touch of glamour!

In this festive season with making yourself beautiful and gorgeous, you can lighten up the mood of your friends and relatives by gifting them these pocket-friendly silver metal jewellery.

These small-small presents on the festivals cheer up the life of your close ones and make them feel special on your part. You can easily find various latest collection of silver metal jewellery in any market.

But, if you want to get the unique silver pieces turn up to various online jewellery portals who offers designer collection of the same at best price.

The best thing of buying jewellery online is you will get ample of options and comparison of the price can also be easily made. This automatically leads to effective jewellery shopping because you will find your favourites silver jewels by just one click.

Therefore, just swing your jewellery collections with various silver jewellery assortments. Attire it, flaunt with it and make yourself happy and glamorous with its shine!

Silver Jewellery Online Store

Silver jewellery is a jewellery which is worn by men & women. It is a piece of jewel which is loved by each and every woman in this world. The reason behind the extreme craze for this metal is its lustre and shine it is having which makes every woman stand out shimmering and glamorous in any event.

Today, in this competitive market there are vast variety or wide range of jewellery available. Nevertheless, silver has its own place which is not comparable with any other metal. Being its cost effective and astrological effect it is worn with precious and semi-precious gemstones by a large number of people around all over the world.

Silver jewellery not even worn by women also it has same love by men too. Mostly men likes to wear silver bands which makes them look cool and classy too. In India Silver Jewellery Online Store, in terms of spirituality most of the people loves to wear their God, Guru’s engraved in silver rings.



Designer Silver Jewellery


Knowing for its metallic touch and shiniest aura silver jewellery is setting its pace in the jewellery market from so many years. It can be used in making different kinds of ornaments like earrings, rings, bangles, bracelets, necklaces, etc.

In this modern and fashionable world not only simple but trendy designer silver pieces are really popular among people. Its demand has even increased as compared to gold because of its affordable nature.

 We all know that how the price of gold is reaching heights day-by-day. It doesn’t mean that budgeted income holders would stop buying and wearing jewellery. For them silver is a great option because it is available in beautiful designs and also would not disturb your pocket as much!

 Jewellery made from silver also entered in fashion industry on a very large scale.  Its designers creatively craft designer piece of jewels to enhance their sale and goodwill in the market.

With the increase in competition in the market silver metal jewellery has really made it big! It looks so beautiful and gorgeous that its charm is compared with the shine of moon.Silver jewellery is made by using sterling silver. Confused with sterling silver and pure silver!!! Well, here is the answer for you.

Sterling silver contains 92.5% of pure silver and rest is other metals to make it more tangible and hard to use. Commonly, copper is used as other metal in making sterling silver.Silver metal is not just affordable but also very beautiful and elegant and also loved by all women. Though women

Silver metal is not just affordable but also very beautiful and elegant and also loved by all women. Though women love all the accessories but silver rings are their favourites. They match up them with their dresses colour and also make them look more vivacious and graceful!

 So, when you are getting such a beautiful metal then why buying for yourself you can gift silver metal jewellery to your friends or relatives and make them feel special! If you want to experiment your look more gracefully, you can team up silver jewellery with other metals because it is so friendly that it will compliment your fashion and overall you!




Silver Jewellery

It has been years we are pairing jewellery to embellish our beauty greatly. Metals like silver, gold, platinum are all our choices. But we select the one which we like the most. Not only liking we also check our bank balance before buying jewels!

What if we get an option which looks gloomy, shimmering, beautiful, appealing, glorious and at the same time is pocket-friendly. Oh yes, after listening to this butterflies are flying in your tummy!

So to kill your curiosity here is the silver metal which is lustrous, look gorgeous on every skin and also which do not disturb your pocket much.

Silver metal jewellery comes in great assortments which includes rings, earrings, bangles, bracelets, necklaces, etc. It also comes in varieties of designs and collections.

Silver metal is not only the one which makes the jewellery beautiful but its combination with various vivacious stones like ruby, emerald, sapphires swing its appearance.

Women who are vey choosy and appropriate in selecting their outfits loves to match their dresses with the colour of the above mentioned stones. Like if you are wearing a red and green traditional outfit you can team the emerald studded silver metal jewellery to compliment your whole attire.

Beautiful designs and affordable range is not just an option for which people prefer silver metal jewellery. Another important reason for the inclination towards silver is; it is skin friendly and skin soothing metal.

After reading so much about the jewellery made by silver you must be thinking that from where you would get your desire one! Well making somewhat easy for you!

Jewellery market is filled up with enchanting silver jewellery collections. You can select your favourite and fill your treasure box with silver stars!

Other than the local jewellery market if you want to have your favourite jewels by sitting at home. You can go for some of the greatest silver jewellery online store which offers hallmarked certified silver collections at best price.

So, what are you waiting for! Just load your cache with the amazing and beautiful silver jewellery and flaunt the world with its amazing silver shine!