Wear and Care your Silver Jewellery

Do you love your shiny silver jewellery? Do you want it to remain new and lustrous forever? Well, if yes you have to care for your sterling silver jewellery by just some simple and easy steps. Many of us abandon our silver wares when it get darken or get tarnish. The reason behind this tarnishing is when it comes in contact with oxygen or sulphur; the chemical reaction formed on its surface makes it dirty and dim.

Not anymore, happily with using some easy tricks of cleaning we can make our favourite jewellery back in its own luster and sheen. With our detailed assistance and remedy you can clean your silver jewellery and wear it again with no worries and qualms.

Little Care in Your Regular Activity

First and foremost you have to take some defensive measures in your regular day to day activity which can avoid your jewellery to get blemish.

  • Since, when it expose to air it get tarnish for that you just need to store your jewellery in a air tight box or packet. Make sure that you do not put your multiple jewellery in the same packet as silver is soft so there is a chance that it getting scratches very easily.
  • Prevent your jewellery from coming in contact with sprays, perfumes as it can hasten tarnishing. That is why people generally wear it in last when they are getting ready for some event.
  • You can also polish your silver wares when tarnishing is not that much serious. But, Wait!! Be careful as silver is very smooth in nature so it can be scratched easily. For the same you can use soft polish cloth to enhance the beauty of your much loved jewellery.
  • Tarnishing can be avoided if you wear your jewellery frequently. Oil which is present on our skin cleans it sometimes.

Professional Care

Guys, if you have realized it so late that your silver jewellery looks ugly and dirty then you need a professional doctor for it. I know one question is running in your mind, is there any jewellery doctor? Well no, I am talking about professionals who clean jewellery with chemicals.

However, it is the easiest step to clean your old jewellery yet let me warn you that commercial polishes and cleaners have their own disadvantage. Firstly, Vapors comes out from those polishes is very hazardous to inhale for everyone. Secondly, it can also remove your precious plating of silver with the tarnish and leave your silver jewellery unworthy. More than this it gives only a provisional shine to your jewellery and then you have to go for the professional method more frequently.

You should also keep in mind that many times there are also different types of jewellery which cannot be cleaned by using commercial cleaners or polishes. For instance, jewellery studded with precious stones like blue topaz, garnet, opal etc should not be cleaned with the commercial cleaners because it can damage stone setting or even can destroy its quality.

Oh!!! Don’t get disheartened as there are many home remedies available which can help you with your jewellery care. You just need to follow some easy steps one by one and beautify the gleam of your items. Anyone can follow these following tricks to give your jewellery a new look.

Home Remedies for “Caring” You’re Wearing Jewellery

You can also make your own and very original homemade cleaner which is also economical as well as nature friendly. What you need to be is just a skillful practice of removing the tarnishing and dullness of your silver jewellery. Although, be rest assure that whatever cleaner you it should be rinse with the running clean water and then wipe it with a clean piece of cloth to avoid the glimpse of white spots on its surface.

Easy home-made mixture

Make a paste of baking soda and water and apply on your silver piece gently and smoothly. Thinning the paste by adding more water and put it in the cracks and crevices of your piece and then clean it with a used tooth brush. In the end rinse your piece under running water and pat it dries with a piece of soft cloth.

You can also use white toothpaste available in the market but you don’t know whether it can change the color of your sterling silver jewellery. So it is concluded that mixture of baking soda and water is the best option to clean and care your jewellery.

As SILVER is precious and lovely metal to be used in jewellery so please never wait until tarnish would hit it so hard which will be difficult to remove. Care and wear jewellery since beautiful looking silver jewellery will give you immense bliss and gratification when you adorn it. Therefore, “Wipe the slate clean” and give your sterling jewellery a rich and glistening look by preventing it from tarnishing.







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