Sterling Silver Ring With Black Spine and Cubic Zircon Cusion

Do you want to include a little more bling to your 925 sterling silver rings? If YES, just add some gems to it!!!  The cubic zircon set in the boundaries emboss the complete piece. This setting of stone will definitely show off your finger with glitters!!! This ultimate and dazzling piece weighs just 4.80 grams.

Look at the piece girls. It says wao!!! The black spine of the ring studded with the silver metal gives a marvellous gaze to the person who will attire it.

You can adorn this piece on regular basis as it is not gaudy at all and if you are also a working professional then it can accompany your attire too.

The radiance of the set cubic zircon praises the silver ring beautifully!!! It gives shine to the centre black spine same as the stars twinkles and gleam the dark sky in the night.The Sterling Silver Ring With Black Spine and Cubic Zircon Cusion featured above is gorgeous in black diva stone.

Though, there are many assortments available in the silver jewellery collection but silver rings are my personal favourite. To shine my fingers with variety of rings made with the lustrous metal like silver is my hobby.

If you also want to sparkle your hand just like me try some latest and stunning designs of silver rings available at silgo.


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