Sterling Silver Earrings

The first and foremost thing which someone look is your dazzling face, thereby the thing makes it more presentable is your right choice of accessory.  Enjoy this festive season of high fashion with the assortment of shiny and shimmering pair of sterling silver earrings. STERLING? Is it pure form of silver or imitation? These types of questions overcrowd the mind of many people but here is the answer.

Sterling silver jewellery consist an alloy of 92.5% pure silver, which is alloyed with other metals to make it vigorous and unbending.  The remaining 7.5% of the alloy is usually comprised of copper or other metals. It is stamped “925” which indicates the purity of the metal. It gives off the sleek and sophisticated look of platinum without the sturdy price tag, so you can increase your shopping in less!

Sterling silver earrings are a great sortie in the jewellery hub and come in elegant & lovely designs which sometimes become unachievable due to mind-numbing and repetitive varieties available in the market. Whether your ears are pierced or not you can attain clip post earrings which complete your wish of attire a pair of earrings with your costume.

Now, in the queue of fashion men also increase their step to look cool and modish. They also love to accessorize with silver earrings which ultimately made the designers furnish more and more variety of stud earrings. A collection of   black stud silver rings will play the vital role for the same. They love to wear zircon stud earrings as it creates a shiny impression for them.

As silver is skin friendly metal so earrings made from silver can give the benefit to those people who love to look stylish but their skin is very sensitive and lead to skin allergies more frequently. With the bulk range of earrings available in the industry gives you the rich and royal look. Women who love classy and elegant appearance will definitely love to attire with CZ stud earrings. If you want to be more chic and stylish then danglers will be your first choice.

Some fashion-conscious women also choose their pair of earrings which will match their face cut. Women with oval face shape choose to wear teardrop earrings as it enhances their look whereas women having square face shape love to wear hoop earrings etc. Whatever the fashion sick people thing one golden rule will never change “the thing which makes you more pretty and lovely is the one in which you are comfortable”. So, choose your right pair of silver earrings from our  silver jewellery online store which will compliment your favorite set of clothes and flooded you with much admiration.



Silver Ring with Oval Amethyst

Ring is the perfect accessory to highlight your charming fingers. To add a dash of shine to your hands, it is necessary you should select a right ring for your look!

I think this purple colored amethyst stud silver ring would surely doll up your persona! Its unique marquise shape makes it more appealing and enchanting.

You can attire this silver ring with any of your costumes being it is a traditional or western. People who love to pair colorful stones accessories with their attire; this ring is surely a best option for them.

The shiny centre oval shape stone of this ring is a high plus factor of the whole piece! The creative designers innovatively crafted the design on its surface and make it look more stunning and striking.

Elegantly designed in 925 Sterling Silver; this ring has a commendable surface and its admirable buff gives someone a perfect sense of fashion!!! The net weight of this silver ring is 3.80 Grams.

This piece is a fine creation of SILgo, which believes in providing latest, unique and exclusive assortments of silver jewellery.

Moreover, this silver ring with oval amethyst would definitely add many compliments to your look. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry!!! Grab this beautifully crafted silver ring and embellish your beauty with its lustrous shine and polish.

Wear and Care your Silver Jewellery

Do you love your shiny silver jewellery? Do you want it to remain new and lustrous forever? Well, if yes you have to care for your sterling silver jewellery by just some simple and easy steps. Many of us abandon our silver wares when it get darken or get tarnish. The reason behind this tarnishing is when it comes in contact with oxygen or sulphur; the chemical reaction formed on its surface makes it dirty and dim.

Not anymore, happily with using some easy tricks of cleaning we can make our favourite jewellery back in its own luster and sheen. With our detailed assistance and remedy you can clean your silver jewellery and wear it again with no worries and qualms.

Little Care in Your Regular Activity

First and foremost you have to take some defensive measures in your regular day to day activity which can avoid your jewellery to get blemish.

  • Since, when it expose to air it get tarnish for that you just need to store your jewellery in a air tight box or packet. Make sure that you do not put your multiple jewellery in the same packet as silver is soft so there is a chance that it getting scratches very easily.
  • Prevent your jewellery from coming in contact with sprays, perfumes as it can hasten tarnishing. That is why people generally wear it in last when they are getting ready for some event.
  • You can also polish your silver wares when tarnishing is not that much serious. But, Wait!! Be careful as silver is very smooth in nature so it can be scratched easily. For the same you can use soft polish cloth to enhance the beauty of your much loved jewellery.
  • Tarnishing can be avoided if you wear your jewellery frequently. Oil which is present on our skin cleans it sometimes.

Professional Care

Guys, if you have realized it so late that your silver jewellery looks ugly and dirty then you need a professional doctor for it. I know one question is running in your mind, is there any jewellery doctor? Well no, I am talking about professionals who clean jewellery with chemicals.

However, it is the easiest step to clean your old jewellery yet let me warn you that commercial polishes and cleaners have their own disadvantage. Firstly, Vapors comes out from those polishes is very hazardous to inhale for everyone. Secondly, it can also remove your precious plating of silver with the tarnish and leave your silver jewellery unworthy. More than this it gives only a provisional shine to your jewellery and then you have to go for the professional method more frequently.

You should also keep in mind that many times there are also different types of jewellery which cannot be cleaned by using commercial cleaners or polishes. For instance, jewellery studded with precious stones like blue topaz, garnet, opal etc should not be cleaned with the commercial cleaners because it can damage stone setting or even can destroy its quality.

Oh!!! Don’t get disheartened as there are many home remedies available which can help you with your jewellery care. You just need to follow some easy steps one by one and beautify the gleam of your items. Anyone can follow these following tricks to give your jewellery a new look.

Home Remedies for “Caring” You’re Wearing Jewellery

You can also make your own and very original homemade cleaner which is also economical as well as nature friendly. What you need to be is just a skillful practice of removing the tarnishing and dullness of your silver jewellery. Although, be rest assure that whatever cleaner you it should be rinse with the running clean water and then wipe it with a clean piece of cloth to avoid the glimpse of white spots on its surface.

Easy home-made mixture

Make a paste of baking soda and water and apply on your silver piece gently and smoothly. Thinning the paste by adding more water and put it in the cracks and crevices of your piece and then clean it with a used tooth brush. In the end rinse your piece under running water and pat it dries with a piece of soft cloth.

You can also use white toothpaste available in the market but you don’t know whether it can change the color of your sterling silver jewellery. So it is concluded that mixture of baking soda and water is the best option to clean and care your jewellery.

As SILVER is precious and lovely metal to be used in jewellery so please never wait until tarnish would hit it so hard which will be difficult to remove. Care and wear jewellery since beautiful looking silver jewellery will give you immense bliss and gratification when you adorn it. Therefore, “Wipe the slate clean” and give your sterling jewellery a rich and glistening look by preventing it from tarnishing.






Silver Jewellery Jaipur

In the pink heart of India, lies the beautiful capital of Rajasthan i.e. city of Jaipur, a city of joy which is famous for its exceptional forts and marvelous palaces.

Contained with the splendid architecture, this rich city had homes of many known emperors in its time and age. The structure of the famous buildings of the city is made from the pink sandstone because of which this great city is known as the “Pink City”.

With its mesmerizing attractions, it attracts many tourists from different parts of the world! You can easily observe its rich heritage from the traditions, customs, art and architecture.

You can also find very friendly people here dressed in colorful outfits and adoring a unique style of silver jewellery. For them, jewellery is not just a matter of fashion and style but it shows their wealth and status in the society.

silgo (2)

Rajasthanis are very much popular in wearing silver jewellery. They love to attire exclusive and enchanting designs of the same. This is the reason why the designers of Jaipur craft each and every piece of jewellery in their best way.

Silver jewellery Jaipur displays the variety and innovative assortments which include silver bangles, rings, bracelets, nose rings, earrings etc.

Stamped silver jewellery, Kundan and meenakari silver jewellery are also so delicately crafted that they would without a doubt catch your eye.

Fascinating varieties of silver jewellery are found in Jaipur only. That is why we are known as a famous silver jewellery hub. Designs of silver jewellery are inspired from the Mughal and ancient times which ultimately crave the people for them.

I will be short of words if I will try to write more on how amazing Jaipur is!!! Trade and commerce have always blossomed this pink city from the time it has originated. It is proved from the history that the city of Rajas and Maharajas is being a great shopping hub!

No other city in India famous for silver gemstones jewellery then Jaipur which bequeaths visitors with the exceptional selection of shopping for time-honored items and crafts.

The narrow lanes equipped with small shops display the beautiful silver jewellery which can swing your mood from dull to bright!! Their assortments and collections will make you in trouble on what to buy and what to leave!

Apart from the small stores the “City of Queens” is also making its position in the online trade. There are several silver jewellery online stores of Jaipur who believe in making its image in the online market. They display amazing and elegant collections which definitely force you to buy one!!!

Silver Jewellery India

In India, there is a delightful tradition of wearing jewellery on almost all parts of the body like head, hair, ears, neck, wrist, ankles, waist etc.

In some parts of India, women are also advised to wear some ornaments specifically on occasions like wedding ceremonies or on festivals. Some of the ornaments which are worn compulsory by the married women are armlet and waistband.

For them, ornaments are not just a matter of decoration or fashion. But they believe that it helps them to bring love and prosperity in their family.

Some of the really interesting reasons of their cultures that why they adorn jewellery are as follows;

  1. It brings bliss and joy in their family environment.
  2. It helps in enhancing the beauty of women.
  3. It also helps in bringing positive energy in the family and protect them from negativity.
  4. It is also believed that various assortments of jewellery help in reducing the stress of moving planets.

Though jewellery can be made from different metals like gold, platinum, copper but silver is the most demanding and lustrous metal among all. Women go crazy for the jewellery made from silver!!!

Silver jewellery is extremely popular amongst youngsters. Jewellery made of silver— such as rings, bracelets, chains, necklaces, nose rings, earrings, toe rings etc also imparts an important role in India.

Despite in urban areas, it finds its succour in the rural and tribal areas of the country as well. In fact, jewellery made from silver forms an integral part of the esteem and clothes of tribal women. These pieces of jewellery also used to help them in a financial crisis.

Studded precious stones and semi-precious stones silver jewellery are also admired and adored by many women/girls.

The best part of these ornaments is that it is light weight and are also available at affordable prices.

The designs of silver jewellery are really versatile in nature. The type of designs and creativity differ according to place, region, states, choice of people.

We have also seen that mostly youngsters pair silver jewellery because it is affordable and is available in latest and amazing design.

It also makes you to look sophisticated, graceful, elegant, pretty and lovely. The assortments of silver jewellery available on online display amazingly best designs of your choice. Trust me after seeing the silver jewellery india collection online you will  crave for it!


Sterling Silver Ring With Black Spine and Cubic Zircon Cusion

Do you want to include a little more bling to your 925 sterling silver rings? If YES, just add some gems to it!!!  The cubic zircon set in the boundaries emboss the complete piece. This setting of stone will definitely show off your finger with glitters!!! This ultimate and dazzling piece weighs just 4.80 grams.

Look at the piece girls. It says wao!!! The black spine of the ring studded with the silver metal gives a marvellous gaze to the person who will attire it.

You can adorn this piece on regular basis as it is not gaudy at all and if you are also a working professional then it can accompany your attire too.

The radiance of the set cubic zircon praises the silver ring beautifully!!! It gives shine to the centre black spine same as the stars twinkles and gleam the dark sky in the night.The Sterling Silver Ring With Black Spine and Cubic Zircon Cusion featured above is gorgeous in black diva stone.

Though, there are many assortments available in the silver jewellery collection but silver rings are my personal favourite. To shine my fingers with variety of rings made with the lustrous metal like silver is my hobby.

If you also want to sparkle your hand just like me try some latest and stunning designs of silver rings available at silgo.

Silver Jewellery – desire to look fashionable

It is the time to gleam the ambience with the dazzling and gleaming brightness of silver jewellery! Silver is the most amazing and enchanting metal which cannot go out of fashion which means that it is “timeless.”

Jewellery made from silver is best suited for everyone being it’s a women or men; girls of small age or ladies of 30’s. It can also turn to be your best companion which can appreciate your personality and make you look more presentable.

You can also use silver jewellery to gift someone as it is affordable and won’t disturb your pocket much! Various new assortments of silver rings, earrings, bracelets can be gifted to your loved ones to make them feel more special!

Silver metal is so much friendly that you can wear it with other metals also. Trust me it will not demolish your look, rather than make you look innovatively fashionable!

The demand of silver jewellery in the market is increasing day by day. The reason is that it is available in latest and exclusive varieties. This also tends to incline the buyer to add more silver jewellery collections in their jewellery box.

Different gemstones like cubic zircon, ruby, blue sapphire etc are also used to make the silver pieces more attractive by the designers and creators. This adds bling in the style statement of the buyers.

These days in the modern fashion era customers become very selective. They want the best without having rest. To fulfill their zest cubic zircon which is also called American Diamond is used to make silver rings, earrings, bracelets etc.

The combination of the two makes the silver jewellery more beautiful and elegant. It also gives the look of original diamonds without paining the customer bank balance. Likewise all other precious and semi precious stones are used to give silver jewellery a rich look!

Silver metal is also popular as it brings love and prosperity in the environment. It is also useful in controlling negative energies like anger, anxiety, arrogance etc.

That is why “silver kadas” and “silver payal” are gifted to new born babies by their family member or relatives. Also newly married girls adorns silver jewellery like silver toe rings as it gives positive energy to them!

Though, there are metals which are used to make jewellery but according to me silver is the most gleamy and attractive one! I personally add many silver rings and silver earrings in my collection. As it makes me look stylish and modish! Do you want the same? Get it online today!!