Oval Shape Chalcedony Silver Hoop Lock Earring


To adore your dazzling beautiful face and make it look more presenting and appealing, here we are presenting chalcedony studded silver hoop lock earring.

The sea blue color of the chalcedony stone is highlighting the whole piece and creates a wao aura to your persona!!

The side studded Cubic Zircon gleams the center stone with its radiance shine and luster and the combination of silver metal make the earring enchanting and charming.

This silver earring has a hoop lock which is very comfortable to wear as it will not hang and disturb your clothes while changing them. This beautifully crafted earring is fit for any occasion being it’s a birthday party or a cocktail party.

This type of beautiful oval shape silver earring is best suited with your evening dress costume. When you will attire this chalcedony earring with your sea blue colored evening gown it will definitely add compliments for your style statement.

The net weight of this shimmering pair of blue chalcedony hoop lock, studded cubic zircon earring is 7.30 grams.

Yes, it is simple but believe me, simplicity is appreciated every time. To look different from others is the demand of everybody and this will surely turn you to look exceptionally adorable and elegant.

So ladies/girls just tie your hair well and flaunt with this lovely pair of Oval Shape Chalcedony Silver Hoop Lock Earring with your beautiful party dress and have many amazing compliments in your friend’s book.



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