Silver Jewellery Fashion For All

In India silver turns next to gold in buying preference among the people. As prices of gold are increasing day-by-day silver is turning to be a new love for Indians. The lustrous metal is able to hold its position in the market and gain appreciation when gold is losing its shine in 2-3 years.

Silver metal is famous in various forms in Indian culture. Mostly it is valued in events like marriages or birthday parties. Other function in which silver is being used is “NaamKaran” of small babies or during the “Puja” time in Indian festivals like Holi or Diwali.

Importance of India in the Arcade of Silver Jewellery We know that India is a big exporter of silver jewellery and silverware. Massive demand for silver is seen from countries like the United States and those in the Middle East. We are also proud to inform that our country is the third largest fabricator of silver jewellery and also tries to expand its export business.

The attractiveness of silver in India also increases because of the fact that it is easily affordable as compared to other metals like gold or platinum. This also makes people to buy more silver jewellery for themselves and for others as gift. We also have to agree to the fact that it is not only affordable prices which make silver jewellery popular but also the craftsmanship of the creative designs that play a vital role in increasing its demand worldwide.

These new-comer designers are giving a new-fangled and chic look to silver jewellery and have undoubtedly created generous demand for this shiny metal. The surveys which have done in this view clearly disclose the fact that youngsters love the designs which are crafted in silver as compared to the same designs which are crafted in gold. Therefore, it proves that silver jewellery is for all irrespective of age, color, etc.

We Indians are always fond of jewellery items like necklaces, earrings, rings, bangles and if we found them in this amazing and lustrous metal silver it will automatically increase its demand over the country. Women of our country whether rich or poor love to adorn her with single piece of jewellery. Some rich and classy business women attire precious gemstone silver jewellery just to show their status and class. Whereas some wear it just to look fashionable and gorgeous.

Different states of India have their own reasons for liking the silver items. For example silver toe-rings and silver anklets are compulsory ornaments for the bride to wear after marriage in North India and some parts of South India as well. We have also seen that people often offer silver glasses and silver coins as a token of love in marriages or anniversaries.

Also, jewellery is just one part of the demand for silver, there are other articles too that are also in demand, like silverware, dinnerware, tableware, décor items etc. These articles are considered ideal for gifting and for any auspicious occasion.

Silver jewellery in India has not only gain its popularity due to lower price but because of the latest designer and various online silver jewellery stores who are dealing in it and offering exclusive designs and amazing deals to their buyers. I have found mine!!! And chosen my favorite silver jewellery online store what yours???


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