Oval Shape Chalcedony Silver Hoop Lock Earring


To adore your dazzling beautiful face and make it look more presenting and appealing, here we are presenting chalcedony studded silver hoop lock earring.

The sea blue color of the chalcedony stone is highlighting the whole piece and creates a wao aura to your persona!!

The side studded Cubic Zircon gleams the center stone with its radiance shine and luster and the combination of silver metal make the earring enchanting and charming.

This silver earring has a hoop lock which is very comfortable to wear as it will not hang and disturb your clothes while changing them. This beautifully crafted earring is fit for any occasion being it’s a birthday party or a cocktail party.

This type of beautiful oval shape silver earring is best suited with your evening dress costume. When you will attire this chalcedony earring with your sea blue colored evening gown it will definitely add compliments for your style statement.

The net weight of this shimmering pair of blue chalcedony hoop lock, studded cubic zircon earring is 7.30 grams.

Yes, it is simple but believe me, simplicity is appreciated every time. To look different from others is the demand of everybody and this will surely turn you to look exceptionally adorable and elegant.

So ladies/girls just tie your hair well and flaunt with this lovely pair of Oval Shape Chalcedony Silver Hoop Lock Earring with your beautiful party dress and have many amazing compliments in your friend’s book.



Sterling Silver Cubic Zircon Peacock Earring with Push Back

Inspired from the traditional designs, this cubic zircon earring is beautifully crafted and constructed by our expert designers. Its peacock shape give it’s a conventional look.

People who wish to wear diamonds without costing much to their bank account, CZ studded earrings are the best option for them. May be one question in running in your mind that; what is CZ?

Well the full form of CZ is cubic zircon and is also called American diamond. It is not a real diamond look somewhat same like that. When it is set with silver metal its luster is creating a shiniest aura to someone skin!

Simple yet elegant looking cubic zirconia peacock shape earring beautifully shaped with an admirable texture and excellent polish.

The net weight of Sterling Silver Cubic Zircon Peacock Earring  with Push Back amazing earring adorned with shimmering Cubic Zircon stones is 5.20 grams.

Its color combination is very pretty and beautiful. You can match this earring with your any blue or purple colored kurti/blouse. You can also adorn this pair of earring with your multi colored ethnic outfits.

Girls who want to look traditional on the festivals like Raksha Bandhan or Diwali without wearing clumsy and fussy jewellery, here this earring will surely add compliments to your personality.

This can also be a best option for a gift. Boys/men can give this super cool stud peacock shape silver earring as a present to their sisters on Raksha Bandhan. This is the best item which can be set in your budget as well as looks immensely great!!! Isn’t it sounding good to you?

Well, to adore the natural beautiful creation of god i.e. women; peacock design stud earring is really a lovely selection! You can also visit our website for other assortments of silver jewellery online store  May be you will fall in love with our beautiful collection!!


Silver Jewellery Fashion For All

In India silver turns next to gold in buying preference among the people. As prices of gold are increasing day-by-day silver is turning to be a new love for Indians. The lustrous metal is able to hold its position in the market and gain appreciation when gold is losing its shine in 2-3 years.

Silver metal is famous in various forms in Indian culture. Mostly it is valued in events like marriages or birthday parties. Other function in which silver is being used is “NaamKaran” of small babies or during the “Puja” time in Indian festivals like Holi or Diwali.

Importance of India in the Arcade of Silver Jewellery We know that India is a big exporter of silver jewellery and silverware. Massive demand for silver is seen from countries like the United States and those in the Middle East. We are also proud to inform that our country is the third largest fabricator of silver jewellery and also tries to expand its export business.

The attractiveness of silver in India also increases because of the fact that it is easily affordable as compared to other metals like gold or platinum. This also makes people to buy more silver jewellery for themselves and for others as gift. We also have to agree to the fact that it is not only affordable prices which make silver jewellery popular but also the craftsmanship of the creative designs that play a vital role in increasing its demand worldwide.

These new-comer designers are giving a new-fangled and chic look to silver jewellery and have undoubtedly created generous demand for this shiny metal. The surveys which have done in this view clearly disclose the fact that youngsters love the designs which are crafted in silver as compared to the same designs which are crafted in gold. Therefore, it proves that silver jewellery is for all irrespective of age, color, etc.

We Indians are always fond of jewellery items like necklaces, earrings, rings, bangles and if we found them in this amazing and lustrous metal silver it will automatically increase its demand over the country. Women of our country whether rich or poor love to adorn her with single piece of jewellery. Some rich and classy business women attire precious gemstone silver jewellery just to show their status and class. Whereas some wear it just to look fashionable and gorgeous.

Different states of India have their own reasons for liking the silver items. For example silver toe-rings and silver anklets are compulsory ornaments for the bride to wear after marriage in North India and some parts of South India as well. We have also seen that people often offer silver glasses and silver coins as a token of love in marriages or anniversaries.

Also, jewellery is just one part of the demand for silver, there are other articles too that are also in demand, like silverware, dinnerware, tableware, décor items etc. These articles are considered ideal for gifting and for any auspicious occasion.

Silver jewellery in India has not only gain its popularity due to lower price but because of the latest designer and various online silver jewellery stores who are dealing in it and offering exclusive designs and amazing deals to their buyers. I have found mine!!! And chosen my favorite silver jewellery online store what yours???

Silver Jewellery Designs

Both women and men have adorned themselves with silver jewellery since decades! Silver rings, bracelets and pedants have been in fashion for the longest time. We have been buying and wearing jewellery since 75,000 years ago. But, over the years, jewellery designs and material have transformed in harmony with the advancement in latest trends. Silver jewellery styles have evolved and modernised giving silver jewellery lovers a number of new options to choose from.

The market is without a doubt overloaded with a huge variety of silver jewellery designs. When it comes to such jewellery designs there are a huge number of options to satisfy your every design desire. You can either opt for a bricks and mortar store or you can visit an online store where you will get endless varieties of silver designs from the most renowned brands worldwide!

From the most intricate designs to the most simple and sophisticated ones, one can never run out of options! And why to opt for only mechanically made jewellery when you can get the best handmade jewellery from the finest designers around the world.

The design you choose depends on what kind of a look you desire, a young stylish chic look for which you can opt for some silver bangles and a studded necklace or an ethnic look where you can opt for a heavy necklace of a silver choker which would do wonders when paired with your traditional attire!

So be a trend setter and redefine what it means to wear jewellery. Buy latest designs in  silver jewellery and take the most out of the beautiful lustre and intricate designs of your silver jewels!



Online Silver Jewellery Shopping

In this time and age when technology is prevalent in our lives, buying jewellery is not limited only to the local stores. With the latest technology advancements, more and more businesses are going the web way, which makes it easy to reach the customers worldwide.

Online Silver Jewellery can be the most amazing experience of shopping as the most famous and certified brands are available online to serve you the best in jewellery in silver. Once you start browsing through an online silver jewellery store you will be amazed to see the variety of designs available for you to pick from!

Ranging from the most traditional or antique style jewellery to the contemporary designs equipped with the latest technology every single piece of these silver trinkets will make your heart desire to own one! The sparkling and delicate designs will catch your fancy, and would make a great addition to your treasured jewellery box!

And why to do online Silver jewellery shopping just for yourself, when you can easily buy some beautiful pieces to gift your friends and family on some special occasion! The benefit of shopping online is that you will be having a clear idea of what you want to buy because with every appearing jewellery over the page comes a huge description of what kind of jewellery it is which depicts both quality and class!


What’s more is that you can compare prices from various sites and you also get easy return and exchange offers online, so go ahead and start your online shopping spree right now!

Online Silver Jewellery Shopping

Exclusive designs, latest collection, and wide variety these three qualities are not easy to find in the jewellery market. Moreover enduring them under one roof is also strenuous for anyone.  Therefore, thinking about this we have come up with online silver jewellery shopping in which we display our latest exclusive designs of silver jewellery. Our master minded designers crafted the entire range of items very beautifully and skillfully.

In the assortment of jewellery we have superb collection of earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, bangles and many more. All the designs are according to the latest trend of the market and every piece is a masterpiece in its own. All the items are expertly studded with different colored gemstones like chalcedony, citrine, cubic zircon, ruby, emerald etc which enhance its beauty and make it more appealing and enchanting. Online shopping has made its way in the availability of such dazzling colorful variety just to make more and more buyers.

The excitement and craze of online shopping is increasing day by day and people who are shopaholic by nature tries each and every single step to find the best online jewellery among all. The facility of online shopping too opens the door for the buyers who do not want to travel in the sweltering heat and loves to buy their desire silver jewellery by just one snap.


Our online silver jewellery shopping gives an opportunity to the ultimate buyers to grab the lovely silver jewellery with the fine array of designer and new mixed bag of items. They can self select their items without the help of the fussy salesperson as it happen in the normal shopping circumstances. It also reduces the hassle of bargaining and fighting for the price of the same. This advancement in the shopping style enables the users to shop anytime because online shopping portal is available for 24 x 7.

With the diversity in the market online shopping gains its popularity and prestige. Following the same trend of the market one has to boost up their efforts to become the best in the online trade. For that online stores not only need to display their products but also have to maintain quantity with quality. They must need to give the true presentation of their items and not to mislead their buyers. Since, buying online is not an easy task because one cannot touch and feel the item. They only buy the items by just trusting on the information provided by the seller. So it should be the duty of the seller to be fair enough in giving the details.

As silver jewellery is unique in its own style and availability of its online gives someone a great chance to fulfill their wish of choosing and buying the same. Online silver jewellery shopping not only gives benefit to the buyers but also helps business man to expand their business worldwide. Only with the help of some internet knowledge one can expand their business and can become the king of the arcade. For being in the league of online jewellery market our store silgo.in also offers the best and lovely collection of silver jewellery because it is rightly said “No one can buy goodwill one must earn it.”