Silver Jewellery

The jewellery which has a glittering effect is the silver jewellery. The majority of silver used today is sterling silver, which consist of 925 silver. Air, perfume or salt water can damage the silver jewellery so proper care should be done to protect the jewellery from tarnishing. The best way to clean it is polish with the cotton cloth gently and smoothly.

There are wide ranges or varieties of metals available in the jewellery trend but silver will always be the classiest and attractive option. It comes in wide range and with different articles and looks great when worn with right combination of colours. The articles which are included in silver jewellery are rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, anklets, toe rings, nose rings etc.

The demand for silver jewellery is increasing day by day. It is one of the highest adorable items among youngsters. The reason behind the desire for this jewellery is that they are affordable and at the same time give someone a vibrant look. One can gift Silver jewellery to their girlfriend or wife on various occasions and they would be more than happy with that. Silver rings for women are very high-status and valued for them in any special occasion like engagement ceremony, as a Valentine’s Day gift or for wedding anniversary. The best part about this jewellery is that individuals of all age groups can carry this without any hesitation.

We have seen many women in tribal areas wear heavy silver jewellery for decoration. These were meant to be as financial security. The practice of melting old jewellery and make new one is still practiced in India and the new touch of the jewellery is most loved by all. Oxidized silver jewellery with the traditional touch gives one more rough and rigid look and also increased its popularity.

Silver jewellery studded with precious and semi precious stones available in different colours are the most appealing asset of someone collection. We have seen some individuals wear silver as they feel that it is the sign of peace. Astrologers also suggest wearing silver ring with pearl can helps in reducing anger and give them an activist environment to live in.



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