Citrine 925 Sterling Silver Ring

Citrine crystals occur in a wide range of sizes, and citrine sizes up to 20 carats are readily available in jewellery. Although Citrine is available in standard shapes and sizes, but our well trained jewellery designers and gem carvers have fashioned the warm yellow gem into unusual cuts for jewellery and carvings.


Silgo the brand which believes in setting the standards presents this astounding 925 sterling silver center yellow Citrine ring which will garnish your hand with many compliments. Its unique shape embellishes its beauty. The designs made by our expert designers are exceptional in itself and the yellowish shine of the stone sparkles the whole piece and become the center of attraction.

925 Sterling Silver Citrine Ring is available in size 8 on our store. The length and weight of the ring is 2cm and 1.5gm respectively. The center Cubic Zircon Citrine of the ring gives it a gorgeous and fashionable look.  Exquisitely designed in 925 Sterling Silver Citrine Ring this ring has an admirable texture and excellent polish gives someone a flawless sense of style. So, why waiting just add this marvelous piece in your collection and attire it to make you stand out of the crowd.


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