Silver Jewellery

The jewellery which has a glittering effect is the silver jewellery. The majority of silver used today is sterling silver, which consist of 925 silver. Air, perfume or salt water can damage the silver jewellery so proper care should be done to protect the jewellery from tarnishing. The best way to clean it is polish with the cotton cloth gently and smoothly.

There are wide ranges or varieties of metals available in the jewellery trend but silver will always be the classiest and attractive option. It comes in wide range and with different articles and looks great when worn with right combination of colours. The articles which are included in silver jewellery are rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, anklets, toe rings, nose rings etc.

The demand for silver jewellery is increasing day by day. It is one of the highest adorable items among youngsters. The reason behind the desire for this jewellery is that they are affordable and at the same time give someone a vibrant look. One can gift Silver jewellery to their girlfriend or wife on various occasions and they would be more than happy with that. Silver rings for women are very high-status and valued for them in any special occasion like engagement ceremony, as a Valentine’s Day gift or for wedding anniversary. The best part about this jewellery is that individuals of all age groups can carry this without any hesitation.

We have seen many women in tribal areas wear heavy silver jewellery for decoration. These were meant to be as financial security. The practice of melting old jewellery and make new one is still practiced in India and the new touch of the jewellery is most loved by all. Oxidized silver jewellery with the traditional touch gives one more rough and rigid look and also increased its popularity.

Silver jewellery studded with precious and semi precious stones available in different colours are the most appealing asset of someone collection. We have seen some individuals wear silver as they feel that it is the sign of peace. Astrologers also suggest wearing silver ring with pearl can helps in reducing anger and give them an activist environment to live in.



Buy Designer Fashionable Silver Pendant


The word pendant is derived from a latin word “pendere” which actually means “Hang down”. Silver pendant is a type of silver necklace which is connected by a loop and consist of a long chain. It is a pretty form of necklace which is attire to beautify the neckline and make it more appealing and beautiful. Neckline is the area situated right below your face and sometimes you love to highlight it with a shinny shinny thing so here sterling silver pendant play its role more effectively.


Pendants are referring to as the earliest type of modern ornament. It is worn by both men and women. In ancient times they were made of shells, beads and the other materials which are not commonly found in these days. During that time silver pendants were commonly worn by Rajas & Maharajas to symbolize their wealth, power, royalty and nobility. Some wear pendant made up of silver (tabiz) in a black thread just to protect them from negative energies.

But, as everything changes with time pendants have now also become a matter of fashion. In a modern era buyers are inclined towards pendants made up of silver. Silver pendant have made its position in the heart of the buyers as they are available in many beautiful and lovely designs and for every event.

Today, in the diversity of market the latest designs of silver pendant includes peacock pendant, IPL pendant, bajrangi  bhaijan pendant etc. With the increase in the demand of silver pendant more innovative designs are being created. As people find new ways to express their love towards their friends & family a new trend of pendants i.e “picture pendants” are gaining its popularity in the market. Such pendants help to showcase the love and emotions by putting the picture of their loved ones and to keep them near their heart always.


Silver pendant are influencing in the market as they are affordable, styling, easy to take care of, skin friendly and unique in its own way. You can buy the same from many online stores as they include many varieties and different styles. As they say “Life is too short for wearing boring jewellery” So what is there to wait just add some beautiful silver pendants in your assorted jewellery collections.


Citrine 925 Sterling Silver Ring

Citrine crystals occur in a wide range of sizes, and citrine sizes up to 20 carats are readily available in jewellery. Although Citrine is available in standard shapes and sizes, but our well trained jewellery designers and gem carvers have fashioned the warm yellow gem into unusual cuts for jewellery and carvings.


Silgo the brand which believes in setting the standards presents this astounding 925 sterling silver center yellow Citrine ring which will garnish your hand with many compliments. Its unique shape embellishes its beauty. The designs made by our expert designers are exceptional in itself and the yellowish shine of the stone sparkles the whole piece and become the center of attraction.

925 Sterling Silver Citrine Ring is available in size 8 on our store. The length and weight of the ring is 2cm and 1.5gm respectively. The center Cubic Zircon Citrine of the ring gives it a gorgeous and fashionable look.  Exquisitely designed in 925 Sterling Silver Citrine Ring this ring has an admirable texture and excellent polish gives someone a flawless sense of style. So, why waiting just add this marvelous piece in your collection and attire it to make you stand out of the crowd.

Gifting jewellery on father’s day

The most priceless and greatest gift ever someone receives from the all mighty God is the Father- someone call him father or someone refer him as dad etc. Father itself is a powerful word and has the most important impact in any child life. They are not just the motivation but became the guiding light which enlightens the darkest path of their child. Fathers are very strong in physical terms but at the same time they are very emotional from their inner core just like coconut.  They are the first love for his daughter and become the superhero for his son. As he is the most important part of their children life so it is also necessary to make him happy, brings smile on his face, present him some gifts occasionally and non-occasionally. Buying a gift for others is always a crucial task and that too for your father is a risky one.


Some of the important things which to be keep in mind while gifting a jewellery to your father is that what are their likes and dislikes, do they like to accessorize by heavy jewellery or light one etc.  We have seen that number of men loves to wear chains, bracelets etc but majority of them only want to attire with the wedding band, watches. Since, we cannot gift our father with another wedding band – as it is very humorous to listen but we can present him with wide range of watches, chains and bracelets available in the market.  It is very clear that if you want your superhero to wear your gifted jewellery on regular basis it is necessary that you gift him of his choice of Silver jewellery. Why waiting then make your most important person – your daddy happy and joyful by presenting him varied jewellery available in the market but only of his taste because it is rightly said that “Anyone can be a father but it takes someone special to be a DADDY.”



Inclusive collection of silver jewellery


In the market there is the wide collection of silver jewellery which gives buyer much choice to select. As buying jewellery is not an easy task one should think many times for the same. But with the variety of collection available it makes easy for the buyer to select and accessories the same. Today, because of much competition in the market people increase their collection of silver jewellery so that customer can find their desire under one roof. Customer always willing to go for shopping at a place where varied collection of things are available to reduce their time in travelling because someone said it truly that “Time is money and it is very precious”. Inclusive collection of silver jewellery available in the market embraces of rings, earrings, rings, anklets, bracelets, necklaces etc. which beautify the most glamorous and unique creation of god i.e. human.


With its bright and shiny aura silver jewellery stands up number one in the market. It is the most demanding jewellery of all type. The lustrous nature makes it more appealing and charming. If one wants to swing their look from heaviest to the light they can go for silver jewellery.

Buy Online Silver Jewellery Gifts Items

These days in this modern era online shopping has become one of the coolest way of shopping. It is easy to buy something for oneself than buying a gift for somebody else. To avoid the hindrance we provide you we have come up with silver online gift items. Silver articles are best option to gift someone as they look rich and decent and are also a good investment option. It is the most illustrious option to gift to all age of individual. It becomes a very special moment for anyone if they are gifted with silver jewellery  articles. It creates strong bond between the relations and bring love, peace, happiness and appreciation in the surrounding. In different occasions like diwali, new-year, Christmas, birthday’s etc people wait to get surprise offerings from their loved ones. Different items which can be gifted to or loved ones are silver pooja thali, glasses made up of silver, silver watch, laxmi ganesh idol etc. So, buy various silver gift items to make your close one happy and joyful.



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Sterling Silver Jewellery Necklace

Silgo Jewellery Necklace
Sterling silver jewellery is back with the moonlight shining collection of necklaces which garnish your style statement with many compliments and makes you look different and sensational among the crowd”

As with other pieces of jewellery, the necklace has been an important site of beautification of the body. It makes a statement to garnish the compliments on one individual.

Some of the common features of the necklaces comprise colorful stones particularly gemstones or jewels, wood, glass, colorful feathers etc. Length of necklaces varies with different types of necklaces available in the market. Some of the different types include choker, princess necklaces, matinee necklace, opera necklace, pearl necklace, diamond necklace, silver necklace etc.

Necklaces are always made to display the appropriate decorative and stylish features from different regions and areas. It has become a mandatory ornament for those women who want to flaunt their status and stand in the glamorous world.

In this modern world where everyone wants to look presentable no one compromise to get the best way for the same. Here, necklace is the best option to complete someone looks whether in professional way or for any function.
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